Wheel Of Fortune (Harry Styles Story)

Demetria and Harry have been best friends since they were very little. At age 12 Harry moved but promised to keep in touch. Now she is 18 and is about to graduate and he only sent one letter to her. He comes back to Cheshire to visit and meet again at her graduation party. They reunite and their feelings for each other grows stronger and stronger each day but will one person who likes Harry do whatever it takes to get him?


5. Brittany Wilson

I'm Brittany Wilson. Born and raised in Cheshire, England

18 years old and born on April 17, 1994

I love the color pink. It is just an adorable color.

I am in love with Harry Styles. I would do anything to make him mine. I have known him when I was little but every time I try to hang out with him, he is with his best friend Demi. I hate Demi Cummings. She thinks she is so perfect and she is such a goody goody well two can play at that game. Ever since I met her I have been competing against her and I would win at some points but she mostly beats me and I hate being beaten, especially to Harry's laundry women daughter. Well I have to go and bribe my way into getting valedictorian so I can crush Demi's life bye!

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