Dark Serpent

It has been two months since Semei returned to hell with his Hyyaki Yakou in order to recuperate. Nura Rikuo, now the official Sandaime of the Nura Clan, is focusing on strengthening his territories and finding strong youkai to build his Hyyaki Yakou, as well as making sure no renegade youkai are wandering the night harming the humans he swore to protect.
Akuma HIme, a five year old half youkai, is a renegade spirit in search for her family's murderer together with her older brother. When circumstances resulted in her joining Rikuo, what will happen to her oath of vengance? And what would happen if the very person she is looking for is one of Rikuo's most trusted aides?


3. The rouge faction

"Waka! Who are they?" Tsurara Yuki-Onna asked as she ran up to Rikuo in her usual silver kimono.
Rikuo glanced down at the sleeping child in his arms and gently held her out to his bodyguard.
"We found her and her brother in a side street. The yoki we sensed just now was a youkai they were fighting."
"Kawaii!" Tsurara exclaimed as she cuddled the girl. "You saved them, didn't you, Waka?" she asked, admiration lighting up her eyes.
"No, they defeated it," he replied. "Come on, everyone. We are returning to the main house."

Rikuo, Kurotabo and Aotabo slide the shoji of Zen's room open as the two surbodinates carried the injured pair inside. The bird youkai's eyes went wide with alarm as he saw how young they were. Immediately, he began to patch them up, the other three watching him work wordlessly. Zen tended to the boy first, as his injuries were worst. Halfway through tending to the young girl, she transformed before their startled eyes. Her silver wings and fangs disappeared, the fear which clung to her dispersed, reverting her back to her human form.
Kurotabo glanced at Rikuo, "The child is human?"
The commander shook his head, "I'm thinking that she is a half-youkai." He stood and looked out at the sky. Dawn was breaking and the youkai transformed into his human form as well. His hair became short again, changing to his normal brown. His red eyes regained their usual brown colour and he put a pair of glasses on.

At that moment, Gyukki, leader of the Mt. Nejireme clan, walked in.
"Sandaime," the dark green-haired man said to Rikuo. "May I talk to you in private?"
Rikuo nodded and told Zen, "Find me when they wake."
He left, leading Gyukki to his room.
"What is it, Gyukki?" He asked the moment they were alone.
The Mt. Nejireme clan head hesitated before speaking, "There is a small faction within my clan that has broken off. They are lead by one of Semei's loyal followers and have destroyed a nearby town. I have recieved information from Mezumaru and Gozumaru concerning the huge yoki we sensed last night. The youkai those two guests of yours defeated was definitely one of the members of that faction."
"If that is true, than we will wait for them to regain conscious. They may know something and if I recall correctly, they belong to no clan." Nura Rikuo frowned and added, "Report any news of that faction to me immediately. I won't allow them to go on any further rampange."
Gyukki's serious expression relaxed slightly, "Understood, Sandaime."

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