Dark Serpent

It has been two months since Semei returned to hell with his Hyyaki Yakou in order to recuperate. Nura Rikuo, now the official Sandaime of the Nura Clan, is focusing on strengthening his territories and finding strong youkai to build his Hyyaki Yakou, as well as making sure no renegade youkai are wandering the night harming the humans he swore to protect.
Akuma HIme, a five year old half youkai, is a renegade spirit in search for her family's murderer together with her older brother. When circumstances resulted in her joining Rikuo, what will happen to her oath of vengance? And what would happen if the very person she is looking for is one of Rikuo's most trusted aides?


2. The awakening

"NII-SAN!! NO!" Akuma screamed in pain and fury as the youkai smashed her brother into the ground.
She forced herself to stand, legs wobbling from the agony of her wounds. Gathering her remaining strength, she launched herself at the monstorous youkai, her scythe swinging. She landed on its head and started hacking away, leaving deep gorges in the skull. However, the damage she took restricted her from unleashing her full strength. The youkai reeled away from the unmoving body of her brother and she sighed in relief. Akuma dodged the wild, grabbing hands and leaped down, landing a safe distance away from the monster.
Deep down, she was bitterly disappointed at the result of their full strength, combined assault. The damage they inflicted on their opponent was pathetic. The two had took two of its arms and crippled a leg, but the youkai still functioned as per normal. 
As she was recapturing her breath, the monster had lifted her brother by a foot and was slowly lowering him into its mouth.
"NII-SAN!! LET GO OF HIM, YOU BRUTE!!" She yelled, horror in her young voice.
It's no good, she thought. If only I had more strength. I need more strength to save nii-san.

She launched herself once more at the youkai, rage fuelling her. As she struck the hand holding the body, something increadible occurred. Silver wings grew out of her back and her weapon took on a more menacing look. The handle, once a plain black, now had carvings of snakes travelling down the entire length.  Two curved fangs grew from her mouth and lethal poison dripped from the tip.
She stopped her attack, shocked at her sudden transformation. She looked at her hands and was taken back at the wisps of fear emmitting from her body. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her brother's body fall and she swooped down and caught him. Akuma laid him far away from the area of conflict and turned back to the youkai.
"Now, prepare to be beaten," she declared in a deadly tone.

The battle became strangely one-sided. Akuma found that with her awakened powers, her speed increased dramatically and her scythe was far more deadlier. Before, her weapon was only able to deliver shallow cuts to the monster, whereas now, it sheared through the enemy's limbs and body with frightening ease. But that was not all. The venom in her fangs paralyses when injected and she was able to summon and command three gigantic silver serpents. Said serpants were assisting her in battle at the moment, bitting into the youkai and wrapping their serpertine bodies around it, slowly crushing its body.
At the final fatal blow, the opponent let out a blood-chilling wail and collaspsed. The snakes uncoiled themselves and the girl watched the dead monster crumble into dust and disappear.
It was tempting to simply fall right where she stood and pass out, but the little girl forced herself to walk to her brother's side.
Her eyes welled up at the sight of him and guilt stabbed her heart.
"I'm sorry, nii-san. I'm so sorry," she sobbed.
Akuma moved to take the bandages form the pouch strapped to her brother's side, but a massive yoki made her leap up and spin around, weapon raised as she sank into a fighting stance.
Around her, an immense number of youkai appeared and she felt terror creeping into her mind. Depite that, she stood firmly over her brother, glaring at the three tall figures approaching.

They were all male, the one walking out in front was surprisingly young. He had long white and black hair and was wearing a black hakama and blue haori. A sheathed katana was leaning on his right shoulder and he looked to be about fourteen. A great amount of fear surrounded him and she shivered internally, a small part of her somehow recognising him as the commander. The other two flanking the young commander were also formidable foes. One had a big, round straw hat and wore a black monk's robe while the other was huge with unruly hair and clothed in a blue monk's robe.
Her three serpents spread out in a semicircle around her, hissing threateningly.
"Who are you?" she asked in a flat voice.
The black monk, holding the front of his hat with two fingers, answered her, "This is Nura Rikuo, Sandaime of the Nura clan and commander of this Hyyaki Yakou. Who are you?"
"Akuma Hime," she replied softly after a short pause.
"And him?" the commander nodded to the prone body of her brother.
"My brother. We were fighting a youkai - " Akuma started before exhaustion and pain drove her to her knees. She sensed her serpents vanished as she struggled to breathe. Grey spots danced before her eyes and the last thing she saw before slipping into the darkness was the commander rushing forward to catch her.

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