Dark Serpent

It has been two months since Semei returned to hell with his Hyyaki Yakou in order to recuperate. Nura Rikuo, now the official Sandaime of the Nura Clan, is focusing on strengthening his territories and finding strong youkai to build his Hyyaki Yakou, as well as making sure no renegade youkai are wandering the night harming the humans he swore to protect.
Akuma HIme, a five year old half youkai, is a renegade spirit in search for her family's murderer together with her older brother. When circumstances resulted in her joining Rikuo, what will happen to her oath of vengance? And what would happen if the very person she is looking for is one of Rikuo's most trusted aides?


4. Arch enemy

Akuma jerked upright on her sleeproll and winced as sharp pains shot through her body. Her forehead was wrapped in bandages, as were her left forearm and body. She pulled the blanket back slowly and gingerly stood up. Focusing on placing one foot in front of the other, the little girl yelped in surprise as she bumped into someone's legs. She looked up and blinked at the light green haired youkai and flinched at his thunderous expression.
"You should not be walking around, young lady. Get back to bed," the big guy growled.
The half youkai scowled back, "Thank you for patching my brother and me up mister, but I can walk perfectly fine. Furthermore, you should pay more attention to nii-san, not me."
The man made his way towards her brother and say absent mindedly, "Call me Zen. You don't speak like a child."
"Blame it on my upbringing," she shrugged.
"Sandaime has been been informed that you are awake," Zen continued. "Kejoro! Take her to the bathroom."
A stunning woman with silky hair that casaded down past her waist stepped in and crouched down to the girl's height.
"Hi. I'm Kejoro. What's your name?" she asked with a smile.
"Akuma," the girl replied softly.
"Well Akuma, I'll take you to the bathroom to clean up and have a change of clothes." With that, the older woman led Akuma around the massive mansion to the bath house.
She emerged half an hour later in a dark blue kimono and immediately went to check on her brother. Everyone was eating lunch but Akuma wasn't interested in food. What she wanted was to recover fast enough in order to track down their parents' murderers. All rather, the ones who razed the town she lived in to the ground. News reports said that it was an earthquake, but she knew better. Yoki was all over the scene when both her brother and her returned to the town. The only lead they had was an emblem on the town's entrance written in blood, an emblem which read 'terror'.

She sat beside her comatose brother, fingering the flute which she found in her brother's bag. It survived the night before and Akuma brought it to her lips. The melody she played out was sorrowful but captivating. The music travelled through the Nura main house, causing everyone to pause as they listened. It finally ended when the player drifted off to sleep, a small fist clenching the instrument tightly.
An hour later, the girl woke up and wandered through the house, this time bumping into the commander himself.
"Ah, there you are. I was just about to see if you were awake." Rikuo smiled down at her, his brown eyes gentle.
"T-thank you for helping nii-san and me," she bobbed her head to the boy.
"Think nothing of it. By the way, I need to speak to you...if you are up for it."
"Of course. I owe you anyway."

Akuma followed the young commander into his room, only to find a dark green long haired man already waiting for them.
"Sandaime," the man greeted Rikuo, who nodded back.
She sat herself apart from the two and waited for what they have to say.
Rikuo gestured to the man and introduced him, "This is Gyukki, leader of the Mt. Nejireme clan and-" He paused as Akuma's head snapped up at the name, her serpentine eyes burning with unsurpressed hatred.

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