The Hunger Games: Fresh Blood

Ok, so I love the Hunger Games. This is basically what I think the 76th Hunger Games would be like if there was no rebellion. Enjoy :)


13. Tomas

After lunch Sofia and I head down to Sofia's quarters to be coached in presentation with Effie. I hoped that it wouldn't be as short as the content training, because trust me, sitting down for 2 hours is not fun. "Let's start with eye contact" shrills Effie. "Now I want you to pretend I am the audience. Look at me like I could sponsor you." I make eye contact with Effie, trying to look as fierce as I possibly can. "Good. Now you try, Sofia." Sofia does the same but also looks charming too.

We move on to smiling and posture. Apparently Sofia has a tendency to fold her arms. By the end of the hour, our backs and jaw muscles are aching. Last of all Effie makes Sofia wear a long dress and high heeled shoes. "Though I don't think you will wear a long dress or high heels, but we better try just in case" Effie says. The shoes look awful to walk in, but Sofia seems to manage. "Okay. You may go now." Effie says. We leave the room.

Then we come to a door we haven't seen before. It lies in the corridor leading to our quarters. I guess we haven't been concentrating when we have rushed down here to go to bed. The door is white and blends in with the wall as well, and I'm not sure we are meant to go in here. Then I think, they could have made it invisible if they wanted. Sofia has already pushed open the door anyway. I follow her into a room with light blue walls and a cream carpet. In the corner stands a grand piano, and along the walls are other instruments I don't recognise. I know the piano because we had one at the orphanage in district 12.

One day, we woke up and outside the door to the orphanage was a piano, not a grand one like this, but it was still a piano. It  was wet, battered and badly out of tune. It was still an enormous luxury in district 12 though, and I think we were maybe the only people to have a piano, save the mayors family, probably. It took four 18 year old boys to bring in the piano. We put it the social room (what we used as a sort of living room) and it stayed there. A few kids learnt to play it, like Sofia. She loved it and I can see the smile on her face now as we stand staring at the instruments in the room. 

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