The Hunger Games: Fresh Blood

Ok, so I love the Hunger Games. This is basically what I think the 76th Hunger Games would be like if there was no rebellion. Enjoy :)


6. Tomas

The capitol is huge, with candy coloured buildings and artificial flowers everywhere. In front of me is a huge blue building- the training centre, to my right is a bright yellow building that I can't look at for more than 5 seconds. Everything is so enhanced, the colours made brighter, the smells made stronger etc. I can't look into the eyes of the people in the Capitol without wanting to scream. I feel 12 again, but I must keep strong for Sofia, who right now is walking to my left, her arms held back by a peacekeeper, as mine are.

As we enter the training centre, I take a good look at the other tributes. This year, the careers look extremely arrogant, which possibly could help Sofia and I. Sofia is clearly looking around too. She turns to me and whispers "If all the tributes are that stupid, 12 have the Games in the bag," She points at the district 2 boy (I can tell because he has a 2 on his back, like we have a 12 on our back) who is cracking his fingers. Those will swell up in about a week and cause him a lot of pain, providing he isn't already dead.

We go up in a glass lift, and the people below seem to turn into ants. We are right at the top.

Sofia gasps when she sees our floor. It is so luxurious, with velvet curtains and well crafted furniture. Everything is so perfect. Too perfect. Dinner again is amazing. This time the Capitol attendants have served Katniss's favourite lamb stew and plumbs, which I have to admit is heavenly. Afterwards we have a cold frozen dessert which is called ice-cream. I think it tastes of the strawberries Sofia and I collect in the summer. Once, we came across a patch that were surrounded in a trap to keep wild animals out. We ran all the way back to the orphanage.

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