The Hunger Games: Fresh Blood

Ok, so I love the Hunger Games. This is basically what I think the 76th Hunger Games would be like if there was no rebellion. Enjoy :)


3. Tomas

The train is so, over the top. We have rooms bigger than our 20 people rooms at the orphanage. I hated it so much, for what the other kids did to my sister, because she was stronger than them. They would hit her and taunt her, and if I tried to stop them, then a nurse would come and tell me of for 'hurting the little ones'. I swear they must all have been blind. In a way, I am glad I was picked, so I can protect Sofia, but I know she will never forgive me if I die for her. Even when I tried to help her with the idiot kids at the orphanage, she would get angry afterwards claiming she didn't want me to go without dinner for another week for her.

The worst time was when they said that they hoped she got picked for the Hunger Games. I did actually hit them then, and one even ended up in the infirmary with a broken nose. I am not sorry. I went without food for a week, but it was no big deal. We often can't eat for a week their anyway.

I am starving, so I see if dinner is ready. Dinner, lunch and breakfast for a year is ready when I get to the dining car. Stew, soups and bread cover the table, as well as meat, tiny peas and other things I haven't even seen before. I start to eat and the others join me. Finally, Peeta speaks "So, do you have any ideas for tactics?". I  look at Sofia. She probably has, but she doesn't say anything. I haven't thought of anything. We both shake our heads. "Let's see what you can do then".

Sofia throws a knife at the wall getting it to stick between to panels  Then she quickly turns around the other way and quickly lodges it in the middle of a cupcake stand. Effie, Peeta and Katniss look quite taken aback. My sister, ever talented. I say that she is strong too. She agrees, and I am so glad she isn't understating her talent.

I then do the same sort of knife throw trick and the others seem pleased. "Are you any good at survival skills?" Katniss says. When we needed to escape the orphanage, we would slip into the woods and stay there for sometimes even a week. No one was worried or even saw we were missing. Shows how much they care. I tell them this and Effie shakes her head and murmurs something about 'illegal'. Katniss and Peeta look pleased. Then Katniss says "I think you should show off your talent and scare the other tributes. But save your best for the private training sessions and get a really high score. This will get you lots of sponsors." Peeta nods in agreement.

I make my way to my compartment and collapse onto the bed.



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