The Hunger Games: Fresh Blood

Ok, so I love the Hunger Games. This is basically what I think the 76th Hunger Games would be like if there was no rebellion. Enjoy :)


14. Sofia

A piano? I could not have found anything better. I rushed through the door before Tomas could tell me not to, and ran by fingers over the smooth keys. I have no idea whether I should play it or not, but I do anyway. I play a tune that is very old, and very calming. My piano teacher at the orphanage, who was actually just a relative of the mayor that had the luck to be able to learn the piano, called it a mountain air. Every time I play it I picture snow capped mountains, and sot green grass.

I am not sure how long I play for, but I have worked through many tunes. They sound better on this piano, I think the other one was very out of tune. Effie calls us for dinner, and I have to leave. Tomas stands by the door. I had forgotten he was there. We enter the dining room and Cinna and Portia are waiting at the table. I am confused for a moment but then realise that tomorrow is the night of the interviews, and Cinna and Portia are a big part of it. "What are we wearing tomorrow? More flames?" I ask.

"No. We thought we would try something different this year." Portia reply's. My question was directed at Cinna, but I guess it doesn't matter. "Wait until you see your dress though!"

The adults make small talk until we have finished dinner. Effie reminds us that we have a "Big big day" tomorrow, and sends us off to bed. I can't sleep though, and at least half the night I twist and turn in my bed.

I must have drifted off at some point, because when I open my eyes, it is morning. Sunlight streams through the window cutting a line across my face. When I open my eyes fully, I jump. The prep team are standing over me, smiling. "Surprise!" they squeal. "We better get you sorted out". After a bath filled with a green sandy liquid that removes all the dirt, as well as a couple of layers of skin, from me, Flavius covers me in a cream, which he tells me is "Moist- ur- iser for softening your skin" as if I am a dumb 2 year old. After that they allow me to put my robe back on. I sit down on a chair and they wash my hair with a pink liquid that smells sweet, and has a really smooth texture. Then they use a creamy looking liquid that is more like goo. Finally they dry my hair and ties it up, curling strands of hair and fixing them on my head while Venia paints my nails in a silvery black colour. After an hour of waiting, Flavius takes the curls out and my hair falls to my shoulders in a shower of ringlets. He pulls them out so they fall in waves.  A capitol attendant brings me some lunch, which I eat while Octavia weaves light blue and black ribbon through my hair.

They start work on my make up which doesn't take to long. They cover me in some kind of glitter, and stencil patterns into my arms. By about 4, I think, they have finished and they call Cinna. Cinna comes in carrying a large bag. He tells me to close my eyes. He helps me get into the dress and shoes, which is a challenge, as I can't see. When he tells me to open my eyes, I gasp. I am wearing a light blue and black dress. The top is black, and sleeveless, but the skirt is blue, and arranged in layers that look like petals, and the petals are tinged in silvery black. The skirt is full, and it goes down to the floor. I stand in black high heeled sandals, but they aren't high. I give off a silvery glow because of the glitter the prep team used earlier. "Thank you Cinna" I whisper. 

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