The Hunger Games: Fresh Blood

Ok, so I love the Hunger Games. This is basically what I think the 76th Hunger Games would be like if there was no rebellion. Enjoy :)


11. Sofia

I wait 15 minutes them to call me. A pleasant female voice says "Sofia Ward, district 12".

I walk into the room and feel my heart sink. They are drunk, and bored, most of them. I clear my throat. Nothing. "Sofia Ward, district 12" I say loudly. Great, now I have grabbed some attention. Before I lose it, I climb up into the ropes above via a rickety ladder, and then, hanging upside down, grab an array of knives. I throw them one by one into the the light, the camouflage table, the heart of the training dummy.

I climb down and go to the "brain training". I set it up to the hardest level, and complete it with ease, I show them   my plant skills, my camouflage skills. I shoot arrows into containers of camouflage paint from 50 metres away, and throw spears into the targets. Finally, I do the strength and agility courses. The gamemakers look stunned and tell me that I may go.

I run into the elevator and jab the button marked "12". Easy enough. I walk into the dining room, where Cinna, Portia, Effie, Katniss, Peeta and Tomas are sitting at the table, obviously waiting for me. I sit down and look at them. A man in a white suit, like all the others that have served us bring plates of food. As we begin to eat, Effie shrills "So, how did your private training go?"

"I don't know if it mattered, they were all drunk anyway." Says Tomas angrily. I guess at least I had a few watching me.

The meal is amazing. Some kind of cooked bird on a bed of perfectly roasted potatoes, flavoured with onion and garlic. The meat is succulent and covered in an orange juice, with tastes smoky. I lick my fingers but catch Effie looking at me, her lips pursed, so I stop and wipe them on my napkin instead. For dessert, we have a cake that is dripping with a brown sauce that Effie says is chocolate. 

Afterwards, we all go to the lounge and sit on a plush green couch to watch the training scores. Caesar Flickerman is presenting it. Each year he wears a different colour, last year is was green, the year before that blue. This year his colour is orange. The television automatically comes to life, and Caesar Flickerman is sitting there. He welcomes the audience with a smile and announces that the scores will begin after the break. During the break, many adverts come on about the history of Panem, how the districts now must pay for the uprising. Then it cuts to president Snow talking about how the Capitol has brought peace and prosperity to Panem. It makes me so sick. Caesar is back on the screen now and is working is way through the districts. This year, the careers score 9 or 10. Oh dear. Everyone else scores about 4 or 5. The girl from 3 who I saw on the first day of training scored a 7, so she must have something half way decent. By the time Caesar gets to 11, I am so nervous I am biting my nails. I look over to Tomas, who is also gnawing the inside of his cheek. "Tomas Ward, district 12, scored..." He checks his paper, and again. "There will now be a short intermission" He says. Tomas smacks his head.

"I probably did so badly they didn't give me a score, so they have to come up with one, fast," He says. Everyone reassures him with pats on the back and telling him that he shouldn't think that.

"Tomas Ward, district 12, a score of 12." Caesar says. Tomas splutters.

"What?" Tomas cries. "Did he really, say 12?". We all congratulate him, and he keeps shaking his head.

"And finally, Sofia Ward, District 12, a score of 12." Caesar says, disbelievingly, but not questioning it this time. The realisation of what he just said sinks in. Twelve. The same score as my brother. Sponsors will be lining up around the block now. I can't contain myself and I fling my arms around my brothers neck.

"Perfect, you could not have done better. Sponsors can't refuse now. What did you do? Not what I did, I hope" Says Katniss with a smile. Katniss shot an arrow at the gamemakers. She told me after training the other day. 

"I can't anyway, because they put up a forefield." Tomas says. We both run down the corridor to our rooms. "We aren't out of these games, Sofia."

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