The Hunger Games: Fresh Blood

Ok, so I love the Hunger Games. This is basically what I think the 76th Hunger Games would be like if there was no rebellion. Enjoy :)


7. Sofia

The time in the remake centre lasts forever. I must have been in there for 3 hours. When I finally leave, I feel cold and too clean. I swear I am almost sparkling. The prep team, whose names I can't remember, chatter endlessly about how excited people are that a brother and sister are in the games. Yay...

I sit there, naked, and feeling extremely self conscious. A man comes in, who must be my stylist. "Hello, I'm Cinna" He says. He wears simple black clothes and no make up, apart from some gold mascara. " I am your stylist."

Well that's self explanatory. I slip on a robe and say "My name is Sofia". He laughs a little

"Everyone knows that"

"What will I be wearing for the opening ceremony?" Cinna's designs were amazing the last 2 years. "More fire?"

"I thought it would be a good idea to have fire again this year. But this year, well, you will have to wait and see."

He leaves the room, and a few moments later comes back in with a bag. He unzips the bag, and I see a red, orange and yellow dress, tight at the top, but a flowing skirt underneath, almost like water. Instead of being on fire, I am going to be fire itself.

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