The Hunger Games: Fresh Blood

Ok, so I love the Hunger Games. This is basically what I think the 76th Hunger Games would be like if there was no rebellion. Enjoy :)


8. Cinna

I finish winding strands of red, orange and yellow ribbon through Sofia's hair. This year, I needed to keep the fire theme going, but come up with a new form of showing it. So this year, rather than being on fire, the tributes will be the fire. I used a lot of red, orange and yellow makeup on Sofia, but only some highlighting on Tomas.

Sofia and I wander outside, and I stop by the district 12 horses, coal black stallions, to represent the coal, and the strength used to mine the coal. Sofia and Tomas stand side by side, and I realise how alike they are. Apart from the body structure, they have the same blue eyes, the same slightly curly brown hair, and the same freckles. Portia comes up behind me and says "we did a good job this year." like she only cares about how good our designs look, not whether it will affect Sofia and Tomas in terms of sponsors. This comment makes me feel guilty, and I don't know why.

"well, the tributes are attractive this year," I snap back. I didn't mean for it to come out like that, but I don't really care.

I snap back into reality when the district 1 tributes roll outside. I quickly get Sofia and Tomas to the back of the line and wait for there turn. A few seconds later, their horses pull them outside after the district 11 tributes, who are dressed in awful farmers costumes. It's not as bad as the district 9 tributes though, who look like loaves of bread. Ridiculous.

A cheer rises from the crowd when they see Sofia and Tomas. They really do look amazing in their outfits. I think the district 12 tributes will be the talk of the games again. You can see that the cameras are making an effort to show all the tributes, but as they did last year, at least half of the air time is on Sofia and Tomas. The tributes enter the ring, and the anthem begins to play, all the tributes raise their heads and the realism of 24 tributes hits. I can see it in Sofia's eyes, although she is trying not to show it, she is scared.

The president makes a speech that I wasn't listening too, and then the chariots roll back in. Many dirty looks from the other stylists are thrown my way, but I just laugh. There are many things you could do with the districts, shall we say, flavours that the stylists are just to thick to think up. Tomas helps Sofia down from the chariot and we all head up to the apartment where we eat (roast chicken in an orange sauce followed by chocolate mousse) and watch the replay of the chariot parade. It's less awful than last year, when most of the victors picked where drunk or drugged so they couldn't have objected to the most silly item of clothing. Like the cow costumes. I shake my head just thinking about it. 

We all head of to bed, and Portia and I say our goodbyes until tomorrow morning, when I will bring Sofia and Tomas's training gear. I wish them both luck, and head down in the glass elevator.

*Authors note*

I think it's about time that I apologised to all the American people reading this for my British spelling. But i am afraid you are just going to have to put up with it, because I want this story to be my own, and it won't be if I use another country's spelling. However I assure you that all the words are spelt correctly in Britain (Also we say spelt not spelled. That is actually the correct British grammar). Also, I hope you are enjoying the story so far :). Let me know in the comments if there is anything I should improve and I will try to take your comments on board!

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