The Hunger Games: Fresh Blood

Ok, so I love the Hunger Games. This is basically what I think the 76th Hunger Games would be like if there was no rebellion. Enjoy :)


15. Caesar

I stare out of the window, just staring, and doing nothing more. I hate this night. I get to know the kids who are going to be sent off to kill each other.

I begin to walk towards the stage where the interviews will be held, being careful not to smudge my bright orange makeup. Yet again, I think I look freakish, but the tradition must be held up. There are already children there, even though the interviews don't start until half an hour from now. All of the kids look nervous, so as I pass, I tell them that there is nothing to be worried about. A few of the smaller ones, like a boy from district 7 and the girl from district 12 are actually shivering, and not from the cold. These interviews will mean sponsors, hopefully, so they are big events. Soon it is time for the first interview. I stride on to the stage and say "Welcome!" and welcome on the first tribute, who is apparently called Gemie Fallows. Then the second, then the third, and so on and so on. When it gets to the boy from 7, I have to repeat everything he says he is so quiet. Finally it comes to the girl from district 12, Sofia I learnt her name was, which meant this was nearly over.

Sofia walked on stage, and the whole crowd fell silent. She was so pretty, just like a fairy out of one of the illustrated books we read to our young daughters. She sits down and smiles pleasantly at the crowd. "So, Sofia" I say. "When you saw the Capitol, how did you feel?"

"I felt nervous, because I knew I was going to the hunger games, but the people were really nice and they have made this week a lot easier." replies Sofia. Big 'Ahh' from the audience.

"Now, what about that 12? We are all dying to know"

"I don't know what I did that impressed them so much, I am about as clueless as you."

"Do you think you have a chance of winning? What's your greatest strength?"

"Well, I have brains. I know when it's a good time to attack, and when my enemy will be at there weakest. I can use the weapons and I am small so I can get escape, and if they can't catch me, they don't have a chance of killing me. But the thing about winning is, if I win, then my brother has to die, and I don't want that. And I don't think my brother would ever forgive me if I died for him." I can hear in her voice that she is about to break. Her 3 minutes are nearly up.

"What would you like to say to the people who might sponsor you?"

"Just that you won't regret it" she says quietly, so I boom,

"I bet they won't!"

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