Genea has a daughter named darcy. She is 1 and her father his a famous curly haired and green eyes fellow. What happens when her brother Louis comes home and brings the boys home. They had just come back from tour and Louis didn't know about darcy either did the other boys. Genea still loves Harry but they broke up because of Taylor Swift. Will they love eachother again?


1. Coming Home

Genea's P.O.V

I put my brown wavy hair up in a messy bun and put my make-up on. The eyeliner made my blue eyes stand out alot more. I got dressed into a TOPSHOP Dweeb Crop top, with some aqua coloured skinny jeans and some Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes Low top in Black. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=81884920 I ran downstairs to the sound of a car pulling up into the lounge room. Darcy was asleep and mum was at work. The girls were at school. I ran outside to see my five idiots next to their car. I ran up to Louis and jumped on him.

"I missed you big bro." I said into his neck. I pulled away and moved on to the rest of the boys leaving Harry last. I looked at him and smiled.

"Hey Harry." I said turning around and walking inside to a baby's cry.

"Don't I get a hug?" He asked. I shook my head no and proceeded into the house up to Darcy's room. I picked her up and she was already dressed since it was 1pm. I brought her downstairs.

"Who do we have here?" Asked Louis.

"Well, this is my daughter darcy." I said with a smile on my face. Louis face turned into utter shock.

"Who who is the father?' he asked. I looked at Harry and Harry smiled.
"Um um ehh Harry." I said putting Darcy on the ground on the mat.

" Really, what is Taylor going to think?" Said Niall. What a way to tuin the moment.

"She won't know because we can just say it is Nialls." Said Harry codly. I walked up to him and swear to god was going to scream at him when I remember Darcy was here.

"Boys can you take Darcy outside while I talk to Harry please." They nodded and grabbed Darcy and walked out.

"Harry. Why?" I pleaded. I knew this was going to happen. One minute he was happy then the next he was an arse.

"I have a soon to be fiance and I don't need you or her in my life to ruin it." He said. I was shocked this wasn't the Harry I knew. He has turned into a jerk. Taylor, he was going to propose to Taylor Swift. Tears streamed down my face. His face softned and he was about to wipe my tears away but I stood back.

"You got me pregnet and now you don't want her. What a Jerk wouldn't want their own daughter. I thought you would be happy. I thought you would- nevermind" I said and walked outside to the boys.

"So, what did he say?" asked Louis

"Why don't you ask the prick yourself." i said picking up Darcy and walking inside. I put her on the floor and sat on the couch with my face in my hands.The boys came in except for Louis and Harry. I hope Louis broke Harry's nose. My phone beeped. It wasn't my phone it was Harry's. I picked it up and looked at the message. It was from Taylor.

From: Sexy T

Hey babe. I miss you. How is Genea or whatever her name is. She is a bitch. I hope she doesn't break us up. love you xx

From Sexy T

See you at 6pm babe. xx

I locked his phone and put it back where it was. Harry ran in blood coming out of his nose. Louis walked in and walked into his old room. I sighed. My life is a mess. I still have feelings for Harry but he oviosly has moved on.

Harry P.O.V

Louis punched me and walked back into the house. I don't want Darcy. I love Taylor and I am going to propose to her tonight while she is on tour. I hopped into their shower and washed the blood off my face. I hopped out and out on my suit. I popped the ring into my pocket and walked downstairs to see Darcy playing on the floor. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone and read the messages from Taylor. It was now 5:30 so I decided to head off to the resturant now. I drove off.

Once I arrived and I had one minute. I walked into the resturant to see Taylor there sitting looking as beautiful as always. I greeted her with a peck on the lips and a hug. We talked and ate. this is the moment I was going to make the next move. I pretended to drop my fork. I hopped off the chair and onto my knee and she gasped.

"Will you Taylor Swift marry me." She shook her head no.

"I am sorry I can't." I got up and put the ring in my pocket.

"Why not?" I asked sadly.

"Well I met someone on tour and we-"

"You were cheating on me!" I yelled. "You can pay for dinner and we are officialy over." I said and stormed out of the resturant. I drove back to Louis's place and stormed in. I sat on the couch next to Genea but she got up and took Darcy to her room. I ruined everything. She definately hates me now. Itook off my pants and shirt, left only in my boxers and hopped straight into bed and fell asleep.

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