Life As It is... Now

Hannah moved to Miami she wasn't keen on leaving her hometown in Australia leaving is just something she doesnt want to do. The new house and present was helping change her mind but what about Justin Bieber and Harry Styles wanting her all to Themselves? However she made a promise to not be with a high profile celebrity What will they do to get her? what will she do?

.this is my first fanfic i didnt really know what to write.
hope you like it :)


7. Well That Escalated Quickly

Hannah's POV

I woke up the next morning with my whole body touching his from top to bottom and my face buried into his neck my leg ontop of his and my hand on his arm that was wrapped arond my waist I looked up at him he was sleeping peacefully I removed my leg from its position on his and used my hand to push him away gently he didnt move he had to much of a grip around my waist I grabbed his hand and moved it and I got up off the bed and went into the kitchen and opened the fridge to find some grapes I then went into the living room to watch morning cartoons I sat with the bowl of grapes on the table beside the couch I put my hair up in a messy high ponytail and watched curled up on the side of the couch with my head in my hand 30 minutes later I felt someone kiss my neck from behind me I nreathed in and sat up

"morning beautiful" I listened as he kissed at my neck I was tired and didn't well couldn't be bothered to stop him he stopped and walked around the couch and sat next to me grabbing my legs and putting them over his lap

"morning" I replied grabbing the bowl of grapes offering some to him I was now leaning with my back against the side of the couch with my legs over him looking at him he took a couple of grapes and I put the bowl back

"What you watching?" he asked

"Spongebob" I replied with a giggle wewatched for another 30 minutes and I could see him looking at me from out the corner of my eyes it began to get awkward

"hey umm what's for breakfast?" I asked breaking the silence

" I don't know come on lets go look'' He replied I removed my legs and got up Harry following behind me I leant against the counter watching him look at what he had in the cupboard and fridge

"we can have bacon and eggs with toast and stuff" he said walking over to me grabbing my waist I stood up straight and put my hands on his arms looking at my hands as I did this I looked up and bit my lip

"or we could just buy breakfast instead" I said looking at him I think I was starting to feel something for Harry but I remembered my promise about Justin and that wouldnt be fair if I was with Harry instead so I wasn't going to be with Harry either

"good idea" he said inches away from my face


Harry's POV

I resisted no more and kissed her soft pink precious lips I stayed there hoping for a reaction when she kissed me back I felt joy our lips moved in sync with eachothers for a minute or two which felt like forever when she parted from me

''it's 10:00 you should really get the food" she said with a smile

"alright what do you want" I asked kissing her lips once more

"surprise me" she replied when I left her lips I went to my room leaving her there put some sweatpants on and a shirt and heard her phone beep I looked at it it was a text from Justin I didn't like the idea of them but I was still going to be nice to Justin I came back to her this time she had the bowl of grapes at hand eating them slowly in the same spot I left her in I walked back over to her grabed the bowl out of her hands

"he-" she tried to say before I grabbed her head with my hands and pulled her into a kiss he flung her hands up to my arms and held them there kissing me back before pushing me away

"go" she said I grabbed the keys off of the bench in the middle of the kitchen and pointed at her

"this isn't over" I said to her I winked at her she was smiling and laughing at me I left and went out to buy some breakfast


Hannah's POV

he was sweet and funny once he left I went to his room and grabbed my phone there was a missed call and a text both from Justin I rang him

"hey" he said

"hey why'd you ring?" I asked all happy and still smiling

"I wanted to see if you wanted breakfast but then I remembered Harry would feed you" he said with what sounded like disappointment

"have you had breakfast?" I asked him

"no" he replied I hung up and texted Harry

-hey can you grab lunch for Justin he is coming around and I texted Justin to come over to Harry's I got a text back from Harry

-sure babe and we aint finished yet  I smiled and put my phone down and Justin was here in 10 minutes *knock knock* I walked over to the front door and opened it

"hey" Justin said looking me up and down

"hey come in Harry will be back with breakfast soon" I said to him he walked towards me grabbing my waist still walking I walked backwards grabbing and holding his arms and he closed the door with his foot I was eventually backed up against a wall breathing heavily on eachothers faces just inches from eachother the sexual tension started building I moved my hands up towards his hair tracing him as my hands traveled up we were just about to kiss when the door opened and we sprung apart I walked over to Harry and grabbed the McDonalds out of his hands

"thanks" I said and walked into the kitchen Justin walked to Harry and they shook hands greeting eachother being polite I was in the kitchen unpacking the McDonalds bag I grabbed my food and stepped back against the cupboards when Harry came infront of me I started drinking my drink smiling and acting seductive whilst acting like he wasn't there

"hey Justin you should put on music" I told him still acting like Harry didn't have his whole body against the side of mine we had all finished and were drinking our drinks

"here I'll put some music on" said Harry removing his body from mine Justin walked over once he left and put his hand on the showing skin on my hip I moved closer to him because his hand was cold from holding his drink

"he's gone for a bit let's start what we were gonna do" Justin whispered into my ear


Harry's POV

I left the room and hid around the corner watching them Justin grabbed her drink and set it on the bench he moved close to her face when she backed of I was pleased with her

"no Justin we can't" I heard her say

"is it because of Harry because we can just leave" He told her moving closer towards her again

"NO" she exclaimed sitting up onto the bench in the middle of the kitchen she took a deap breathe

"sorry for yelling just I promised myself that I wouldnt be with you after the night we met so I distanced myself then I met Harry and I wish I didn't kiss him but I did and I felt happy but it wasn't going to be fair on you if I stayed away from you and was with him that's why I wanted you here so you could remind me of the promise that I made" She told him he was standing infront of her inbetween her legs holding her thighs whilst she was explaining he tried to move away but she grabbed his face and made him stay

"okay I understand but not even one kiss I like you alot and I wish we weren't here talking about this in his house" he shot back at her her hands were around his neck now she started shaking her head looking down at her legs all I could see was a diagonal view of her back and Justin (if that made sense) his face moved closer and she looked up at his centimetres from eachother Justin moved in and kissed her it was only a couple of seconds before they parted and it seemed like she didn't react


Hannah's POV

I didn't react to his kiss we parted from eachother a short few seconds later "I can't not with worldwide celebrities like you and him" I said in a low voice

"yes you can" he told me before kissing me again this time I reacted our lips started moving in sync with eachothers this went on for a minute or two before he licked my lips asking for entry I allowed it our tongues fighting with eachother he pulled me closer to the edge of the table I wrapped my arm further around his neck getting more passionate and the other hand was running through his hair my hips moving in sync with the kisses grinding against him I ended up off of the bench on my two feet I got pushed up against the fridge he grabbed my hands pinning them above me and he kissed at my neck I let a moan escape my lips before Justin came back to them we kissed some more before Harry walked around the corner he cleared his throat and we stopped and looked over at him

"its 11:00 I better take you home" he said

"umm okay I'll ah get changed" I replied I went to Harry's room to put lastnight's clothes on


Justin's POV

She left and Harry agressively moved over two me grabbing my shirt and getting in my face "if you go near her again you'll know about it she's mine'' He told me

''actually no she isn't yours she's none of ours she doesn't want to date or be with a worldwide celebrity'' I shot back at him he puched me in the face and my lip started bleeding I punched him back and we started fighting we knocked a couple things over before falling to the floor kicking and punching eachother


Hannah's POV

I went to change I put my shorts on and heard loud crashes and yells I ran into the kitchen "Harry Justin what is going on"

 "STOP" Justin got out from underneath Harry for the 3rd time and I pulled his arm he stopped and got up and backed away Harry moving to go hit him again but I ran inbetween them

"What is the matter with you two?" I exclaimed standing inbetween them

"look I'm going home now and you two aren't going to see eachother for a while" I  said walking over to Justin I touched his swollan lip then grabbed his arm and we went to Harry's room to grab my things then left we headed to his car and got in

"what was that back there?" I asked

"it was nothing" he told me wiping the blood from his lip

"take me to yours I'll text mom saying where I am" I told him texting my mom

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