Life As It is... Now

Hannah moved to Miami she wasn't keen on leaving her hometown in Australia leaving is just something she doesnt want to do. The new house and present was helping change her mind but what about Justin Bieber and Harry Styles wanting her all to Themselves? However she made a promise to not be with a high profile celebrity What will they do to get her? what will she do?

.this is my first fanfic i didnt really know what to write.
hope you like it :)


9. We Named The Dog

I finished putting the shopping away then decided to go to sleep for a couple of hours I wiped off my makeup and slept with the dog at the end of my bed I woke up at 4:30 when I got a text message from Harry

-I might actually need my shirt back at sometime :D

-oh sorry you can have it back come and pick it up whenever :)

-how about I come Now

-sure I live at  3 West Lee Drive

-see you soon..

I got up and cleaned the house a bit before he got here *ding dong* the doorbell rang and I went to answer it

"hey" I smiled

"hey babe"he replied I let him in the house closed the door and I went upstairs to get his shirt

"I'll go get your shirt" I shouted behind me I ran upstairs and picked it up and ran back down

"here" I said handing him the shirt "so umm you really drove here just for your shirt" I asked raising an eyebrow with suspition

"well I wanted to see you" He replied


Harry's POV

it was true I did come to see her too I walked over into the living room and turned on the t.v

"sure make yourself at home" she said to me with sarcasm

"I will" I winked at her

"what do you want to watch?" she asked walking over to the cabinet full of dvd's

"do you have love actually?" I asked

"uh yeah we do let me just find it aha I found it" she said looking in the cabinet she stood infront of the t.v and put the disc in

"hey what happened to your back hip?" I asked with concern

"I tripped over blankets when I got home this morning" She said I believed her she came and sat next to me and we watched the movie her long dark chocolate brown with blonde highlighted messy hair around her face she fell asleep on my shoulder I picked her up and took her to her bed when I picked her up I noticed she had a hickey I didnt give it to her I put her in her bed and saw she had another one on her stomach I looked at her hip bruise and I had alot of questions to ask I set an alarm on my phone and I fell asleep next to her I woke up at 6:30 and she wasn't in her bed she walked in with a plate of fruit in hand

"hey your awake" she said sitting on the bed next to me "here do you want some and thanks for moving me aii" she said offering me fruit I sat up and grabbed a strawberry

"your welcome and when I was moving you I noticed you have two hickeys what happened I know I didn't give you them and I know you didn't fall when you got back here" I asked her she stopped smiling she stood up and left the room I saw her eyes begin to tear up I got up and followed her she sat at the bench fiddling with her hands


"okay long stry short is I made a promise to myself to not be with a high profile celebrity like you or Justin and I broke it lets just put it that way" she explained

"wait did you two have sex?" I asked

"no we didn't we stripped to our underwear then he told me he loved me then I snapped out of it and got out of the house fast .... I didn't know what I was doing so I'm just not going to see him" she told me

"right .... wait that doesnt explain the bruise on the back of your hip" I said with confusion

"well as you probably have seen I have very prominant hips and being pushed up against a wall whilst making out a couple of times must have bruised it" she toldme she looked over at the dog

"hey we should walk the dog it needs walking" she said changing topic

"yeah okay" I said I was down for anything with her the sun was setting it was orange/purple skys outside and it was pretty she got a jumper and the leash and hooked the dog to it and we left she walked out the door and I followed I ran up behind her and picked her up and swung her around she screamed and the dog ran in circles around us I put Hannah down and we walked on the path I looked at her and she looked at Justins house and we continued walking

"hey what is the dogs name anyways?" I asked her

"well I dont even know if its a boy or girl yet" she laughed

"It's a girl" I told her

"how do you know?" She asked

"well she doesn't have a penis" I told her she laughed her contagious laugh

"well I was thinking Valentine or Daisy what do you think" she asked

"I like the name Valentine Daisy is too classic" I said

"well Valentine welcome to my family" she said speaking to Valentine in a cute voice we got back to her house I grabbed my shirt and I left to go back to my house


Hannah's POV

It's been nearly two weeks since me and Justin and I was happy, not seeing him was good for me my hickeys had gone and my bruise was fading so the memorys were nearly gone I didn't know when I was going to see Justin again I wanted to but I couldn't It would be wierd I new I had to see him and talk to him about it I was going to go and speak to him sometime this week but I have no idea when that was happening let alone I have to start school when the new semester begins in 2 weeks. I only had one year left and then I was done for good.

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