Life As It is... Now

Hannah moved to Miami she wasn't keen on leaving her hometown in Australia leaving is just something she doesnt want to do. The new house and present was helping change her mind but what about Justin Bieber and Harry Styles wanting her all to Themselves? However she made a promise to not be with a high profile celebrity What will they do to get her? what will she do?

.this is my first fanfic i didnt really know what to write.
hope you like it :)


8. We Can't I Broke The Promise

we parked in his driveway and got out I followed him into the house

"Justin where's the first aid kit in this house?" I asked

"under the kitchen sink" he replied sitting at the bench in the middle of the kitchen all houses have these now I picked up the kit and went to him I put the kit down on the table and just looked at it

"hey what's up?" Justin asked grabbing my hip

"why did you fight with him?" I asked again looking at him then looking down again

"he started it he punched me then I punched him then the rest happened" he told me

"you didn't need to" I told him looking into his eyes then at his cut lip

"okay so what do I do with your cut lip" I said taking a deap breathe then laughing he pulled me in close between his legs

"nothing" he whispered to me before kissing my neck I looked at him I touched his lip and leaned in close our lips colliding perfectly he held me tighter our bodies and lips moving in sync with eachothers he picked me up pushing me against a wall holding my legs our tongues slid into eachothers mouths grinding with eachother against the wall he put me down and kissed down my neck I pulled off his shirt and felt his hard body as he kissed my lips we made our way into the living room he pulled off Harry's shirt and pushed me onto the couch and jumped on me kissing my lips once more before trailing down my neck and kissing above my bra he went down further kissing my stomach before coming back up to my lips I kissed his neck and he began to tug at my shorts we rolled over switching places so I was above him I kissed his neck again running my fingers through his hair I moved my hands down his hard, hot and sweaty body  to undo his jeans I pulled down the zipper and grabbed his hips any way that I could bringing my hands backup towards his face I was not going to take off anything after my shorts were thrown to the ground he jumped on top of me then picked me up and took me to his bedroom he slammed the door shut and threw me on the bed taking his pants off he crawled above me and kissed at my neck we got even sweatier rolling around we moaned andaggressively wanted eachother I had to stop him from trying to take my underwear and bra off in the heat of the moment he kissed my neck aggressively "I love you" he told me within kisses I stopped moving underneath him

"what did you just say?" I asked

"I lo-" he began to say

"no you can't get off me" I said pushing him off me I got out from underneath him and left the room I went to put my shorts on I pulled them on when he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall

"what happened did I do something wrong?" he asked

"yes you did and so did I, I shouldn't have come here I shouldn't be doing this" I replied out of breath I moved and looked for where Harry's shirt was still looking I bent down and looked under the coffee table I got back up and walked to the kitchen

"what do you mean Hannah" Justin asked concerned he grabbed me and didn't let me go struggling to leave his arms

"Just let me go we shouldn't be kissing we shouldn't be half naked I can't be with you" I half yelled pushing him away I grabbed Harry's shirt throwing it on breathing heavily I grabbed my things and he stopped me at the door a tear ran down my face he moved in close about to kiss me when I dodged it and he kissed my cheek I looked at him with tears in my eyes

"I broke my promise and now you can't love me and I can't love you" I whispered

"but I already do" he replied

"get over me Justin I promised myself I wouldn't be with you and I broke it" I kissed his lips one more time

"I feel like such a slut" I said before running out the door I ran across the street into the house and straight to my room locking the door behind me I walked into the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror I had a hickey on the side of my neck and another on my stomach below my bra I took off Harrys shirt and my shorts and threw on some sweatpants and a crop top long enough to cover the hickey and went back into the bathroom where I sat and cried with the images going in my head on repeat of everything that had just happened I swear I could even still feel his hands on me to 30 minutes later I cleaned my self up I showered then put my clothes back on with new underwear of course and I redid my makeup covering the hickey I went downstairs and had some late lunch I sat at the bench eating leftover salad from moms lunch staring at the note she left that said she was going to do grocery shopping then lateight shopping mom always goes and doesn't comeback until 9:00 anyways so I had the house to myself for around 6 hours however mom came home to drop the groceries off and I was still eating lunch when she walked through the front door

"hey sweety do you want to help me with the shopping?" she asked with bags of shopping

"sure" I got up and went outside and got the shopping out of the boot of the car I leant over and mom walked over I grabbed shopping bags and began to walk inside I put the bags on the table and unpacked the frozen foods when mom walked in

"hey honey what is that on the back of your hip?" she asked I froze thinking about what it could have come from then I remembered Justin threw me against the wall a couple of times I looked at it and I thought now I know why it hurt, my hips were the most dominant part of my body

"I fell over this morning I tripped over blankets and fell on my hip it didn't hurt at all surprisingly didn't even notice it was there" I replied making the story up on the spot I was very good at that and it comes in handy almost all of the time

"well okay I'm going latenight now see you later tonight" and with that she left

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