Life As It is... Now

Hannah moved to Miami she wasn't keen on leaving her hometown in Australia leaving is just something she doesnt want to do. The new house and present was helping change her mind but what about Justin Bieber and Harry Styles wanting her all to Themselves? However she made a promise to not be with a high profile celebrity What will they do to get her? what will she do?

.this is my first fanfic i didnt really know what to write.
hope you like it :)


13. Usher's and my unexpected surprise

I woke up the next morning and went downstairs to get some fruit I played a couple of games of Subway Surfers and and went back upstairs to pack for dance camp tomorrow I grabbed my suitcase grabbed my 5 pairs of track pants and 6 loose shirts and croptops grabbed as much toiletries as possible and put them in my suitcase and went and got dresseed I walked out of the bathroom in denim shorts and a black sweater makeup done hair nicely waved and cleaned up the little things on my desk and floor picking up justins clothes and put them on the couch

"hey baby" I heard Justin speak

"morning sleepyhead" I replied jumping on him kissing his cheek

"lets go Usher's today" I said loudly pulling Justin out of bed

"okay okay i'm getting ready but I gotta go back to mine" he said putting his clothes on

"alright" I said putting my hidden wedge black sneakers on grabbing my phone and leaving with him we walked into his house and he went and got dressed and I chilled in the living room he came back downstairs smelling sexy freshly showered with jeans and a white singlet with a chain round his neck grabbed his keys and he texted Usher and we left in his car we got to Ushers and walked straight into his house and went out the back to a giant pool and table and chairs where usher was sitting on his laptop

"sup Usher" he said Usher getting up and giving him those bro hugs they do

"JB my man how you buddy?" Usher asked him

"all good mate this is Hannah" he replied introducing me

"Hi Hannah" he greeted me

"Hi" I replied shaking his hand "nice to meet you" I said"

"more like nice to meet you damn girl" he said checking me out

"umm"I said confused

"look Usher man you got a party next week aii" Justin said as we all sat down

"yeah I do in 8 days to be exact do you guys want a drink" he asked

"I'm good but do you want a drink?" Justin asked me

"mmkay yeah what you got?" I said asking Usher

"I have no idea come look" he said I got up and followed him around the back to a large fridge full of drinks alcohol soft drink water

"well tough choice I'll have the jack daniels" i said grabbing the whole bottle walking back Usher handed me a glass and I sat back down next to Justin

"babe how old are you?" Justin asked me

"ummm I might be underaged but not like I havent drank before" I said opening the bottle Justin grabbed it off me and gave it back to Usher and I sat there with my mouth open

"hey that was mean" I said Usher come with me and I'll get coke if thats okay with you Justin" I said with a smartalic tone leaving with Usher taking my glass

"how old are you?" asked Usher

"I'm 16 but I'm turning 17 in a couple of days" I said

"how long?" he asked

"5 days now" I said pouring Jack daniels in my glass

"hey didn't Justin say no?" Usher said

"yeah he did but I'm gonna mix it with coke he won't notice just don't tell him" I told him

"I won't your pretty smart I love it" Usher said I laughed pouring the coke in my glass we came back and sat

"well" I said I put my glass on the table and Justin grabbed my waist and pulled me onto him I got a text from Alicia I sat in my own seat and took a sip and texted her back an hour had past and me and Alicia were talking about everything me forgetting to mention about Justin and Harry I got a text from Harry and I was just texting nonstop I didnt even know what Usher and Justin had been talking about I finally put my phone down and took a larger sip of my drink and put it down I sat there looking at the table and laptop then Justin. Usher stood up went inside taking the laptop with him and I sat looking at Justin smiling

"come here" Justin said leaning forward I leaned near his face and he ended up kissing me I pulled out and leaned back in my chair

"why do you taste like alcohol?" Justin said

"uh oh" I tried to grab my drink before him but he got it first we both stood up he drank some of it

"really I say you cant have any so you mix it wow" he said putting the drink down

"maybe I did a little bit" I said doing hand gestures

"mm you taste good anyway" he said pulling me close shoving his tongue down my throatwe pulled apart and realised Usher was standing there

"sorry bro" Justin said I sat down

"well he found out I mixed the jacks in my drink ahah" I said laughing leaning forward on the table

"okay then" he said sitting down

"look man it was great seeing you again see you at the party next week" Justin said doing the bro hug again

"yeah I'll see you then" I said hugging him he walked us to the door before leaving we exchanged numbers and I left with Justin



night came pretty fast we sat with a meter inbetween us on her bed in the moonlight she sat playing Candy Cruch she was addicted and I sat thinking what were we are we just a one time thing that likes to repeat or dating

"hey Hannah" she looked up from candycrush

"yeah" she replied

"what are we are we just a one time thing or are we dating cause this runs through my head all the time?" I told her she locked the screen of her phone and moved over to me grabbing my face kissing my lips

"I don't want it to be a one time thing" she whispered into my ear

"does this make us dating?" I asked her she stopped kissing me and sat there for a minute

"look Justin I dont do well with relationships okay so umm we should stop this and just keep it to the minimum" she said the doorbell rang and she got up to answer it I followed her downstairs

"SURPRISE" I heard coming from the door "no way guys you're here" I heard her I stood in the kitchen and made a coffee



I was so excited Alicia was here with my closest mates I invited her in hugging her Sarah was there too I hugged her and Sam and my other bestfriend Logan I hugged them all and Alicia walked straight into the kitchen and screamed we all ran into the kitchen closing the door and Alicia was in shock because she saw Justin she loved him soo much real belieber but she wasn't those crazy ones we were all laughing I stood next to Justin and introduced everyone

"Justin this is Alicia my like sister and this is Sarah my bestfriend and Logan Sams Bestfriend my bestfriend and Sam my best mate an-" I said introducing everyone

"Ex-Boyfriend" he cut me off we were all silent  for a minute

"look umm Sam can I talk to you.. alone" I said grabbing his hand walking through him and Sarah walking upstairs into my room

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