Life As It is... Now

Hannah moved to Miami she wasn't keen on leaving her hometown in Australia leaving is just something she doesnt want to do. The new house and present was helping change her mind but what about Justin Bieber and Harry Styles wanting her all to Themselves? However she made a promise to not be with a high profile celebrity What will they do to get her? what will she do?

.this is my first fanfic i didnt really know what to write.
hope you like it :)


6. The Surprise Concert

I woke up the next morning feeling confused I then made a promise to myself that I would keep my distance from Justin it would be hard considering he has my number and he lives across the street I eventually woke up and went down stairs I saw a brochure on the kitchen bench I picked it up and read it. it was for dance camp I loved dancing I want to do it professionally and I was very good at it I put it down where I found it as mom walked in

"morning sweetie" she said kissing my cheek

"morning" I replied

"I see you have found the dance camp brochure do you want to go?" she asked me

"do I want to, yes mom you didnt even need to ask" I said jumping up and down extremely happy it was going to be a week of dance

"I also have another surprise for you tonight" mom said to me beggining to make me some breakfast

"what is it?" I asked with a confused look on my face

"not telling you dress nicely not to fancy we are leaving at 6:00 tonight" she said smiling

"okay I'll be ready" I replied with major suspician I ate breakfast and went back upstairs and heard my phone beep I got a text from Justin

-Good Morning Baby how are you?

-I'm good u?

-great now can I see you today?

-umm actually no I'm spending the day with mom

-oh okay well have fun

-we will

Mom actually just saved me with this surprise so I can keep my promise true

Time flew fast I began getting ready for the surprise I decided to put on a black shorts and an oversized green shirt and some boots I curled my hair and did my makeup defining my eyes and putting a baby pink lipstick on with a hint of green eyeliner under my eyes to match my outfit I grabbed a boho looking bag and went downstairs and mom and I set off.

I looked in my moms bag for some perfume because she has the best and saw 2 tickets to One Direction

"umm I now know where we are going" I told her showing her the tickets I had found

"look further into the bag honey" she replied I looked further into the bag to find the VIP meet and greet thingsand screamed

"mom you got meet and greet tickets" I said to her

"yes I thought you might want to go meet them I know your not in love with them but I know you like them" she said to me we arrived and took our seats right at the front during the concert Harry kept eyeing me and coming towards me after the concert everyone cleared and I went backstage to meet them the other girls left and me and mom were left mom loved Zayn so she went off with him I stayed with the other boys chatting they were funny people this lasted for an hour then Eleanor came and got Louis and Niall went with him and Liam went to check on Zayn and my mom who were chatting like good old friends I was left with Harry I had to admit it was fun he kept touching me  and playing with me this lasted another hour then my mom came and asked if I was ready to go I said I wasnt and Harry grabbed me by the waist

"sorry but I am going to steal her for the rest of the night" he said jokingly to my mom I looked at him smiling and laughing

"okay feel free" she replied with a serious look her face I looked at her and stopped laughing

"what?" both me and Harry replied

"you can take her for tonight I could use the house to myself that is if you want to go with him and your allowed to take her Harry" she said

"do you want to come with me?" he asked me letting me go I stepped away from him and turned to look at him

"Okay that is if your allowed to take me" I said to him smiling

"paul was wondering around and Harry called him over and everything was settled and i was staying with Harry

"I want her home at lunch" mom said before leaving

"sure thing" he replied when my mom was out of sight he grabbed my waist agian and pulled me close when my phone started ringing it was Justin he saved me again I didn't want to be with any celebrity

"who's Justin?" he asked

"Bieber" was all I said it was the best way to put it

"Hello" I answered

"hey babe" he replied

"how and what was the surprise?" he said

"uh mom took me to the One Direction concert with meet and greet tickets" I said to him smiling

"oh how was it how were the boys?" he asked

"were no they are good I'm with Harry now and I gotta go" I said to him teasingly because I was in a wierd and flirty mood but I was only flirty towards him it was wierd but I was not going to let myself fall for him.ever.

"with Har-" I cut him off by hanging up

"how do you and Justin know eachother?" Harry asked me as we were walking to the car to go back to his place

"oh umm we met on the street turns out he lives across from me I just moved here" I replied with a smile

"has anything happened between you two because you are a very beautiful and hot girl" He said to me

"uhh no nothing between us" I said backing out of his grip with a little blush remembering our minute of intimacy

"something did care to explain?" He said with curiousness


Harry's POV

I wanted her to explain her relationship with Justin because I already didn't like him and his also may be another reason because I wanted this girl all to myself. She explained there graze on the way to my place and I was going to get close to her but when I did she would back away it was like she didn't want anyone to love her we finally made it back to mine and went inside it was nearly midnight and we decided to just go to bed

"umm I don't have pj's and where am I sleeping?" she asked

"you can just wear my clothes and you cans sleep in my bed" I told her I gave her one of my shirts and a pair of boxers, the boxers were too big but she tied the side up in her hairtye to hold them up. she looked adorable

"wait a minute are you sleeping in the bed,... with me?" she asked

"yeah unless thats a problem" I replied

"I'll sleep on the couch" she replied walking past me I grabbed her by her waist to stop her

"no Hannah either you sleep in the bed with me or without me you're not sleeping on the couch" I told her with a stern voice

"fine I'll sleep in the bed with you" she said giving in I put my arm around her waist

"Harry don't" she said with confidence I removed my hand and we went to sleep.

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