Life As It is... Now

Hannah moved to Miami she wasn't keen on leaving her hometown in Australia leaving is just something she doesnt want to do. The new house and present was helping change her mind but what about Justin Bieber and Harry Styles wanting her all to Themselves? However she made a promise to not be with a high profile celebrity What will they do to get her? what will she do?

.this is my first fanfic i didnt really know what to write.
hope you like it :)


2. settling in

I was tired so the limo ride was really short due to me being asleep when I woke up I was looking at all the random street names and I realised that all these different stars would be walking around and just thinking about that put a smile on my face because I could meet 1D and JB and rub it in my enemies faces and knowing that I could meet them for like a split second so I decided to look up on my phone where JB and 1d lived  whilst I did this we pulled up into this large driveway with the biggest house I had ever seen

"Mom what are we doing here" I asked her

"we live here" she responded with excitement

with complete joy I screamed and went inside not looking at my phone screen which said I lived on the same street as Justin Bieber I just locked the screen and ran walking inside was the most amazing feeling there was a staircase that just led up

"go find your room" said mom

I went up the stairs to the first floor and it was just a hall with one room with a pool table another as this giant bathroom 2 bedrooms and a theatre room with utter amazement I went back to the staircase and kept going up to the 2nd and final floor and it was another room,my room it was large with 2 couches in the middle facing a tv a bathroom attached to my room a king sized bed with amazing sheets and on the bed was the most beautiful labrador and I walked over to it and found a note reading

Here this is just a gift for you for co operating and helping witht the move even though you didnt want to leave how is your attitude about leaving now put a feeling on the back of this piece of paper put it on the kitchen table and walk away..

Love Mom xx

after reading the note the limo driver walked in with my bags

"miss here are your bags" said the limo driver

"Thankyou you can just put them on the couch" I replied politely

I got a pen off of the desk in my new room and drew a :/ meaning i was okay and getting happier/better and a Thanks on the back of the paper and went back down on the kitchen bench then went back upstairs and found the leash on the couch then decided to take the dog for a walk I grabbed the dog and walked down stairs and called to mum to tell her I was taking the dog out for a walk.

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