Life As It is... Now

Hannah moved to Miami she wasn't keen on leaving her hometown in Australia leaving is just something she doesnt want to do. The new house and present was helping change her mind but what about Justin Bieber and Harry Styles wanting her all to Themselves? However she made a promise to not be with a high profile celebrity What will they do to get her? what will she do?

.this is my first fanfic i didnt really know what to write.
hope you like it :)


11. I Called It Off

"who's at the door?" Justin asked

"well if I knew I would tell you" I replied cheekily heading towards the door I opened the door and Harry turned around and looked me up and down

"umm hey what you been up to?" he asked

"hey uhh nothing why......oh right uh come in and I'll get dressed" I turned to go straight to my room I ran fast and changed putting a pair of jeans on and the blue cutoff singlet that was thrown to the floor previously and I ran downstairs Harry sitting on the couch still and Justin making my coffee I went to the kitchen and told Justin to get dressed cuz Harry was here and he left and I just stood in the kitchen with the finished coffee Justin made I took a sip I put my hair up in a loose messy ponytail and sat up on the island Harry walked in and sat in the chair next to me it was silent for a bit when I heard Justin's footsteps coming downstairs he didn't come in the kitchen so we sat

I decided to break the silence (it got awkward) "so umm why'd you come over?" I asked looking at Harry

"I wanted to see you mostly but this wasn't what I was expecting" he replied tracing his finger on my leg

"what do you mean?" I looked at him confused did he know about me and Justin I had no idea

"well I know Justin's here and you were in just a shirt and I'm not stupid I know you guys slept together" he said



I wasn't stupid I saw Justin go upstairs in his boxers and she was in clearly his shirt before she just looked at me when I told her it was clear to me when Justin walked in

"I'm just gonna go grab some stuff from mine I'll be back in a bit" He said I looked at her and she was watching Justin she nodded and he left he came back literally 3 seconds later just to kiss her infront of me he's lucky it was only the cheek he got she sat there then looked at me

"look okay maybe we did but what do you care anyways I can't be with him... or you" She told me hopping off the bench "it was a one time thing"

"let me tell you something okay you have to change your mind you can be with him or me just say you can and you will be fine it's okay nothing bad will happen yeah there are some real bitches out there who think they can get with us but really you are the one we want not them just change your mind be with me... or him don't make these things just a one time thing" I said kind of half yelling at her standing pretty much above her Justin walked into the kitchen and I backed away from her

"okay fine the promise I made to myself is off I can be with either one of you okay" she replied quietly to me and she left the kitchen

"what was that about?" Justin asked me

"she can be with either one of us she called off the promise she made to herself" I told him as I brushed past him following her into the living room



he was right why did I even put that promise on myself it doesnt matter anymore I already broke it so now who cares I can be with them now the question is... who? Harry walked in and sat in the chair next to me and Justin sat next to me and I put my legs over him and layed there both watching me

"okay you guys can stop watching me now its kinda getting creepy" I said

"who do you want to be with this question has been going through our heads since we knew about the other guy pretty much" I said Justin and Hannah looked at me and she looked down

"I don't know who I want" she said

"haha you could just make out with both us guys whenever you want aha" Justin said laughing she looked up at him and hit him in the chest

"oh really now thats how its gonna be" she said smiling there was a minute silence before Hannah broke it "but it could work" she said looking down fiddling with her hands Justin grabbed her thigh and she looked up I could see so much chemistry between them she smiled at him and looked at me

"soo umm what now?" She said

"I might have an idea" Justin said as I watched him jump up onto her and start kissing her I saw she retaliated. in a way I wish she didn't but I couldnt stop her she gripped his shirt with one hand and grabbed his neck with the other

"well I'm just gonna be watching t.v" I said turning towards the t.v



I looked at her and grabbed her thigh she looked at me and smiled and I knew I should just dive in and kiss her again but she spoke and looked at Harry lucky I actually had the idea I gripped her waist and Jumped ontop of her i felt her foot rubbing my leg when Harry spoke she smiled and pulled back out of the kiss

"why'd you stop babe?" I asked

"well Harry's here and that's enough evidence to stop" She said playing with my hair

"fine but you owe me later" I said getting off her

"okay but I didn't say you had to get off me" she said grabbing my shirt I grabbed her waist and pulled her ontop of me and traced circles in the side of her leg

"you know we have got to go to a party at some point if I'm gonna be in Miami why am I not at a party right now" she said

"well there's probably a rager at Usher's house in about a week I dont know" I told her

"yeah there is I got the invite everyone did and you can bring like plus ones not that anyone will need to because everyone is showing up anyways" Harry said

"yay can we go to that then?" she said with the words happy all over her face

"sure we can probably go see Usher tomorrow and you can meet him" I told her

"mmkays and you know mom's not home tonight you can stay if you want" she whispered in my ear running her hands down my abs

"yeah I already figured I was" I said in her ear watching as she bit her lip

-after an hour of friendly talking no kissing (had to resist) and watching movies Harry went home-

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