Life As It is... Now

Hannah moved to Miami she wasn't keen on leaving her hometown in Australia leaving is just something she doesnt want to do. The new house and present was helping change her mind but what about Justin Bieber and Harry Styles wanting her all to Themselves? However she made a promise to not be with a high profile celebrity What will they do to get her? what will she do?

.this is my first fanfic i didnt really know what to write.
hope you like it :)


5. He Moved Closer

"nice house"Justin said to me walking in through the front door as I looked over at him and he was looking around

"Thanks and I get to live in it" I replied with kind of a high pitched voice smiling at him as I turned back to where I was walking I was walking further into the house leaving justin behind me I turned when I realised he wasn't following me

"well are you coming?" I asked but he wasn't looking around the house anymore he was staring at me

"oh yeah I am" he replied walking towards me then following me into the kitchen.


Justin's POV

I looked around her house it was like mine but I didn't care about the house I cared about her I couldn't stop looking at her walking away I followed her into the kitchen and sat at the kitchen bench watching as she got 2 plates and gave herself 2 slices.

"how many pieces do you want?" She asked me staring into my eyes

"3 thanks where did your mom go?" I asked her trying to be polite

"probably in the living room" She answered me with a smile putting my 3rd slice on my plate pushing it towards me

"come on" She said to me we both grabbed our plates and I followed her into the living room where her mom was sitting watching t.v

"hey you two cant watch my show leave" her mom demanded to us as we walked in Hannah just about to sit down then getting up quickly like she had just been shocked before her butt even hit the couch

"okay mom woah you actually scared me where are we supposed to sit and eat and watch t.v that is if you want to watch t.v and eat?" she said to her mum but turning to me to ask the question

"I always eat infront of the t.v" I said to her relieved that we don't have to eat with her mom because all I want is to be alone with her she turned and started leaving the room me following behind her

"and wheres my pizza" her mom asked

"in the kitchen" she replied leaving the room and walking down a bit further then walking up some stairs

"so umm we cant be in the oom with your mom when shes watching her show?" I said to her with a confused look on my face

"oh um shes watching some wierd show I don't even know what it is but apparently im not allowed to watch it only she is but we can go to another t.v in the house I only know where two t.v's are in the house so far havent properly looked at the house yet but the other tv is in my room" she said to me walking up more stair we finally reached the top of the stairs and we walked to her room I was so glad it was going to be us in her room I knew I had to make a move


Hannah's POV

the stairs took forever to climb we finally made it and we walked in I went and directed justin to just sit on the couch I set my pizza on the bedside table and grabbed one of the bags I hadn't unpacked and grabbed my grey jacket out of it and put it on

"you cold" he said watching me whilst eating his pizza

"yeah you know the walk I met you on I got cold on my way back as it got darker" I replied with a little sarcasm grabbing my pizza and walking over to the couch sitting on the opposite side of where he was sitting and turned onthe t.v skipping through channels until he finished because there was nothing good on

"here give me the remote" Justin said to me as he put his plate down on a table next to the couch and moved over to me to take the remote playfully I quickly put my plate on the table infront of us and stretched my hand with the remote in it away fromhim and without hesitation he moved his face closer to mine as I put my spare hand on his chest I looked into his eyes as he looked into mine inches from my face after a couple of seconds I looked down at my other hand on his chest licking my teeth and smiling I looked over to the t.v as did Justin and two people started making out on the screen as I watched uncomfortably at the position he was in over me Justin moved to my ear

"if you want, that can happen between us" he said in a sexy whisper I Iooked at him and smiled my heart beating fast he leant in closer and I could feel his hot breath on my lips as our lips grazed each others I realised what was happening and tok a deep breath in and moved my head back closing my mouth

"It's getting late you should go" I said to him then with the hand that I had on his chest I pushed him off and away from me


Justin's POV

as I moved closer to kiss her I could feel her heart beat faster the closer I got I grazed her lips hoping that this would go further but not to far but she stopped I was fine for a while then she told me it was late and I should leave as she pushed me away I moved back to her face and lingered there for 2 seconds then tilting my head to the side I kissed her cheek  and whispered "Goodnight" and left I said goodbye to her mom who was stilwatching 'her show' and left going back to my place I went up to my room and had a shower and put a pair of boxers on only to end up thinking  about her and what she was doing I soon fell asleep


Hannah's POV

I sat there for 5 minutes after he left wondering why he did that I wasn't going to fall for him he was hot but I didn't love him like that I took a shower after I finished thinking and went to bed not finishing my pizza.

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