Life As It is... Now

Hannah moved to Miami she wasn't keen on leaving her hometown in Australia leaving is just something she doesnt want to do. The new house and present was helping change her mind but what about Justin Bieber and Harry Styles wanting her all to Themselves? However she made a promise to not be with a high profile celebrity What will they do to get her? what will she do?

.this is my first fanfic i didnt really know what to write.
hope you like it :)


10. Did We Just Do That

Mum had gone out for the day and said she wouldnt be back til 10pm god knows what she was/is doing so I wrote Justin a text telling him to come to mine now. I sat there for a few minutes debating whether or not to send it. I decided not to send it and I saved it as a draft and sat in bed on the computer It was then 9:00am and I couldn't help it I wanted to see him I sent him the saved draft and waited I got a reply like a minute later saying coming xx and another minute later there was a knock at the door I got up and ran downstairs in another cutoff singlet that was blue and you could still see the fading bruise and some loose black short shorts and I answered the door.

"hey" He said happy to see me

"hey come in" I replied giving him a hug as we stood in the doorway us both slightly walking back into the house

"How have you been babe?" he asked following me into the kitchen

"fine" I replied grabbing an oreo and walking over to him he was sitting on a seat I split the oreo and used my finger and scraped the inside off and put it in my mouth in a sexual way looking into his eyes it was silent and I finished my oreo and went upstairs he followed behind me we got upstairs and he closed the door behind him

"hey I need to talk to you" I told him turning around to face him

"okay go ahead... talk" he said licking his lips I wanted him so bad but I knew I couldn't he walked over to me and brushed past me making my heart pound I watched him take his jacket off on my bed and I went and sat next to him

"look about what happened at your house" I said pausing after the sentence to think about what to say I replay what happened in my head all the time I liked it but it made me terrified of us being together I refused to look at him he leaned his head on the side of mine

"I want you right now" he whispered into my ear he put his hand on the inside of my leg and started moving it up I looked at his hand and stopped it before it got too far

"hows your hip.. yeh dont think I didnt notice and I know what it's from sorry about that babe" he said as he began nibbling on my earlobe it made my heart pound and I looked at him we stared at eachother and I couldnt do it anymore I got up and paced towards my door and back to him 2 times before I was about to leave I stood at the door and locked it then turned and walked at a quick pace over to him I grabbed his head and kissed him he pulled me onto him sitting up I ran my fingers through his hair grinding against is stomach and ontop of his lap he stood up holding me and pushed me up against my wall he looked at me and aggressively started kissing my neck feeling up my legs under my shorts and shirt running his hands along my body I pushed him away and took his shirt off revealing his hot and sweaty abs he came back at me pushing me against the same wall again and took my shirt off he picked me up and put me on the couch kissing above the lining of my bra and down my stomach I let out a moan and pulled him back up to my face our tongues colliding I undid his pants and put my hand around his penis I moved my hand along its length listening to him moan for a bit he was hard and big he soon raised himself above me and backed out of our kiss I pulled my hand out of his pants

"are you sure you wanna do this?" he asked me

"this is my first time Justin" I told him

"I can go slow or we can stop" he replied

"no I need you right now dont slow down I want you even though I shouldn't but I do" I replied kissing his neck and around his ear he lowered and I continued undoing his pants he sat up and took my shorts off and rolled over and put me on top

"take your pants off babe" I said to him I got up running my hands along his body he stood and I layed on the couch in my black lace underwear and watched him take his pants off he got them off and I decided to jump on him both of us falling on the floor I was on my hands and knees making out with him he unclipped my strapless bra and threw it across the room caressing my boobs in everyway he could he rolled over and laid above me kissing every part of me and sucking on my boobs he removed my panties with his teeth teasing me kissing my inner thighs I took his boxers off and threw them on the couch grabbing a condom and giving it to him he put it on and he stuck 3 fingers in me and moved them around I started yelling and moaning

"you ready babe?" he asked

"hurry up Justin of course I am" I yelled at him he inserted into me I raised my upper body it hurt but felt so good he started moving in and out in rythym quickening the pace we switched places and I moved my body like a worm he touched and grabbed me everyway he pulled my legs up towards him I sat up on his dick and placed my hands on his chest and moved my hips we both started moaning with joy we both cummed and stopped I layed next to him on the floor both breathing heavily and slick with sweat

"why dont we do more of this on the bed" he said picking me up and placing me on the bed I sat up catching my breathe then I pulled him ontop of me I let him kiss and lick my vagina then I let him have his glory and I sucked on his hard length running my tongue underneath it he picked me up and hung me half off the bed on my stomach and I got anal screaming and yelling hitting the floor we eventually stopped I layed on him and we slept I woke at 7 after I had only slept for 2 hours. I texted mom asking when she was coming home mom had changed her mind and was staying at a mates because they were going to go to some place the next morning and she was going to text me when she was on her way back I got up and grabbed Justin's shirt and went downstairs I sat in the kitchen for 20 minutes then put my hair up in a messy bun and made a coffee and ate some crackers 10 minutes later Justin came downstairs in his boxers I couldnt help but smile he walked over and kissed me a long and passionate kiss

"how are you feeling after you know what" He asked me sitting in the seat next to mine

"amazing" I got up and kissed his neck and grabed my cup and made another coffee he came up behind me grabbing my hips

"what you wearing underneath my shirt?" he said in a sexual tone

"nothing" I replied he ran his hands up under his shirt and felt my hips and butt and raised higher feeling my boobs

"mmm you feel amazing" he said taking his hands out from under his shirt I turned to face him

"no you do" I said feeling his neck and running my hands down his abs we started kissing then we heard the doorbell ring we stopped.

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