Life As It is... Now

Hannah moved to Miami she wasn't keen on leaving her hometown in Australia leaving is just something she doesnt want to do. The new house and present was helping change her mind but what about Justin Bieber and Harry Styles wanting her all to Themselves? However she made a promise to not be with a high profile celebrity What will they do to get her? what will she do?

.this is my first fanfic i didnt really know what to write.
hope you like it :)


3. an unexpected meeting

I closed the door behind me and grabbed my ipod out of my pocket and put one of my headphones in and walked away from my house I started listening to Baby by Justin Bieber and started to think of names for my new furry friend with the beautiful golden coat I didn't know if it was a boy or girl yet but im not looking I'll get mum to tell me once i get back home.

"how bout we call you daisy or valentine if your a girl or if your a boy we can call u fellow/fella like what i've heard some people call a young boy ahaha yeah" I said speaking to the unnamed dog I laughed again

 within a split second I bumped straight into a random guy on the street with a little scream nearly falling backwards he grabbed me by the waist and holding me up whilst I grabbed his biceps all I was thinking was wow these are large once I cought my balance I looked at my dog to check he or she was okay just listening to his voice in the background

"Woah you okay, you should really look up when your walking" said the random guy with his hands around my waist

"Oh umm I'm sorry" I replied looking up at who I guess you could say saved my life lol not really

"no you don't have to be" He replied with a hint of a laugh

"hey your Justin Bieber" I said in complete amazement that he was right in front of me

"yeah i am and you are?" He replied.

"I'm Hannah Williams umm what are you doing here?" I asked we were still holding eachother

"I live around here what about you?" He replied things were getting awkward so I decided to let him go I slid my hands down his arms to where his hands were and removed them from where they were

"funny so do I, I live about 3 streets that way" I replied pointing in the direction I just came from

things got even more wierd when he said he lived in the same direction. Bzzzz...Bzzzzz my phone began to ring I grabbed my phone out of my pocket whilst pulling my headphone out and answered it

Hello" I answered

"hey sweetie dinner is going to arrive soon I need you to come home asap" Mom said

"okay I'll be home soon im not that far from the house umm what are we having for dinner anyways" I answered and asked I look up to Justin who was staring at me with his amazing brown eyes. I smiled at him then looked back down

"you will have to wait and see honey" she replied

"It's pizza isnt it" I replied with a smug look on my face

"I'll see you when you get home love you bye" She said quickly then hung up the phone

I started laughing and shaking my head ending the phone call from my end of the phone I looked on the screen that said Justin Bieber lives on West Lee Drive I laughed looking up at him

"I know where you live now" I said laughing

"oh really where" He replied in kind of a flirtieish way I brushed it off ignoring it

"West..Lee....Drive-" I said slowly thinking about that name but justin cut me off

"yeah I do live on that street"He said.

"I live there too" I said a bit stonned

"wait.. on the same street as me?" He replied

"yeah I live in house number 5" I was kind of liking this but I wasnt into him in any way

"I live in house number 10" he said with a large smile flashing his white teeth

"oh nice well umm I have to go back to mine the sun is setting and dinner will be arriving so I gotta go now" I replied scratching the back of my neck and turning my upperbody back to the direction of the house then back to him

"okay well I have to go down there to the shops but... can I have your number?" Justin replied

shocked at this point because Justin Bieber wanted my number

"sure" was all i could say

we swapped phones then added our numbers then swapped back I turned and took a couple of steps away when he called my name I stopped and turned around poor dog probably just wanted to go home Justin put his hands in his pckets and walked closer to me and stopped just infront of me

"I couldn't leave without a kiss" He said shocked by what he just said

"a kiss... Justin, we just met like 5 minutes ago" I replied with a smile and a hint of laughter

"Fine I'll kiss you then" was all he said and he leant in and went to kiss me on the lips but I backed away he leant in even more kissing me on the cheek and just started walking towards the shops

"you know that doesnt count as a kiss" I yelled to him with a smile and a laugh

he turned around walking backwards with his hands out like as in a whatever action and replied

"It was the best I could do since you didnt let me kiss your lips"

I smiled and turned walking back home.

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