Wishing For More

Rose Weasley heads off to her first year at Hogwarts. She forms a unlikely relationship with first year hottie, Scorpius Malfoy. Her family keeps on saying it won't last but she won't believe them. As they get to know each other, she keeps hoping that it will turn into more than friendship.


6. Naturally

"Rose, what is wrong?" Scorpius fusteried. "You haven't spoken to me all week." He lowered his voice. "And you know, we are doing our prank tonight.

"I know Scor" Rose wasn't listerning to him. He was getting annoyed, why was she being this way. What had he done. 

"Is there something I can do?" Scorpuis just wanted her to speak to him because she was one of his good friends. Bonnie came in. Fianally someone who would speak to him.


"Hey Bonnie." Scorpuis said to Bonnie. Rose rolled her eyes, Bonnie was such a fake. She couldn't see why Scorpius liked Bonnie. When would he see that Bonnie was the reason she was annoyed.

"Your hair is really pretty today." Scorpius was looking at her dreamily. It was making Rose sick the way he was looking at Bonnie. Scorpius was not acting like himself. He was acting like a love sick freak. 

"Thanks, its natural." Bonnie gave a tinkling laugh. That was so not true. Rose had seen Bonnie curl her hair this moring. Bonnie was such a liar. 

"Scorpius, we nned to go to class." Rose grabbed his hand,

"So, you're talking to me, now."


"OK. That's great! But why?"

"Oh, I just realized that you are a great friend so I can't let you go. Plus we have to prank James."

But Rose was hiding her real reason. From Bonnie just talking to Scorpius, Rose found why she was so annoyed at Bonnie. Rose liked Scorpius! Not in a friend way, she had a HUGE crush on him. Instead of being mad at Scorpius she was going to be nice to try to get him to like her more than Bonnie in that way.

                Rose was up all night waiting till it was two. Finally the small clock silently hit 2. She pulled her bright red comforter off and slid silently out of bed. Rose was almost out of the room when she heard Bonnie rustle behind her. But it was just in her sleep that made her turn. Rose breathed a silent breath of relif. She ran down the Girls Stairs and she saw Scorpius in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. Rose laughed quietly. 

"You tried to run up the Girls stairs, right?" 

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Because the Girls Staircase is enchanted. Any guy trying to run up the stairs himself will be pushed down the stairs."

"Oh, that makes sense. Are you ready?"

Rose felt excitement rush into her cheeks.

"Yeah!" She helped Scorpius up and they headed up the Boys Stairs. The corridor up there looked very much like the girls. Rose really wanted to know what Scorpius's dorm looked like but they weren't there to go to his dorm. They tiptoed down the corridor. They found James's dorm easily. They opened the door and snuck in. His dorm was messy. He and the other boys weren't organized. Piles of robes were stattered all over the dorm. James was fast asleep, sprawled all over the place. Rose noticed that James's homework was left untouched. Candy was spilled over the floor. To aviod his roomates from waking up, they waded though the robes quietly. Under their breathes they whispered

"Wingardium Levosia"

James rose and floated in the air. Rose struggled under the weight but then it became manageable. Together, they could control James. Their magic was helping them. Rose hoped Scorpius would be able to see the chemistry but he was focused on keeping James up in the air. They soon got to the Stairs. 

"This is going to hard." Rose groaned.


Slowly, they walked down the stairs while keeping James levitating above them. The Common Room was quiet for a change. Usually it was cramed full of students but Rose liked the silence at that moment. Sometimes you needed it. Everyone was fast asleep so it was easy geting to the enterence of the Commons. They were soon out of the Common Room and walked down the Grand Staircase to where Al was waiting.


They kept in their gigles at the floating James fast asleep. They swung open the wood doors of the Great Hall. The tables were already set for breakfast because the house elfs had set for breakfast earlier. They put him on the Teacher's Table and looked at him.

"He will feel the pain of being humiliated for once. It will be good for him." Al laughed.

"Maybe he will stop picking on Scor." Rose giggled at the sight of him snoring. The trio snuck away, excited for the morning. James had no idea what was coming for him.





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