Wishing For More

Rose Weasley heads off to her first year at Hogwarts. She forms a unlikely relationship with first year hottie, Scorpius Malfoy. Her family keeps on saying it won't last but she won't believe them. As they get to know each other, she keeps hoping that it will turn into more than friendship.


8. Flashbacks and Ferrets

Rose swept her rosie red hair out of the way as she walked though the brisk novemeber winds. It had been a good morning. Professor MsGonagall had told her she was really advanced in her transfiguration. Now she only had Defense Against the Dark Arts. Rose quickened her pace so she wouldn't be late. The thing about this class is the teacher was quite peculiar. Rose remembered the first class.

         (Flashback to First Class)

Rose walk calmly to class, she wondered what the professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts was like. James had nothing but high praise of him but Rose didn't trust James's opion at all. She would have to wait to see if she liked him. Rose consulted her timetable and looked at the room number. Yes, this was it. What a surprise, Emmy was in the class without Callie and Bonnie. But Emmy smiled at her and Rose sat down next to her.

"Hey Rose. I wonder what Professor Iggpick is like."

"Hey. What class did you have before?"

"Potions. You?"


Their conversation was stopped because at that moment, someone bust through the door. It was Professor Iggpick.

"HELLO! I will be teaching yourselves to survive so I have set a test up for you. Your task is to get out of here."

With a flick of his wand, he shut all the windows and summoned cages.

"Enjoy my friends, wasps"

With a flick, he shut the door.


The cages opened with a click, and Professor Iggpick disapperated.

Chaos insured and all the first years freaked out. They had no idea to do. Rose tried to open the windows but they were stuck. She felt a sharp pick near her ear and yelped. The wasps were stinging her from all over. All the kids were in pain. Then Rose had an idea. She used the same spell Professor Iggpick had used.


The windows unlocked with a satisfying click. Luckily the window was not that high up as it was on the 2nd floor. 

"Everyone! Over here!" Rose cried in between her wincing.

Everyone ran over. They all scrambled out the window and jumped. Rose felt gravity pull her toward the ground and fell onto the ground.

"What the hippogriff just happened!?" A first year Ravenclaw dusted off her robes.

Then Professor Iggpick appeared. 

"Good job to all. But there are many missions ahead you."

A sallow faced Hufflepuff cried out

"What were trying to do! Get us all killed!"

Professor Iggpick replied 

"You survived so I see no problem. I'll see you next class."

Then he disapperated.

(end of flashback)


           Since then it had been one mission after another. But she liked hanging out with Emmy in the lessons. 

           Class was over. Rose left and went looking for her friends. James hadn't pranked them for 2 months now. Maybe he couldn't think of any. But Rose was excited for the dance that was upcoming. She wished that Scorpius would take her. Rose ran though the tall grass to their meeting spot. They had been meeting at the lake for a little bit now. The cold December air was biting through her coat but she relished the cold. Rose saw the boys waiting for her. 

"Hey guys! Al, Scor."

"Hey Rose."

As Rose sat down, she thought she saw someone move over in the trees but it was probably nothing she told herself. But she couldn't pull herself from the thought that it might be someone spying on them. She quietly told Scorpius and Al. They told her to check if it would make her feel better. They snuck around to the trees but no one was there. 

"Feel better Rose." Al asked.

Now Rose felt like an idiot. They turned back to their spot. A few seconds after they turned, a sound behind them crunched. But before they could turn there was a flash of light. Scorpius fell to the ground and twisted into a ferret. Rose turned and saw James laughing.

Al exclaimed "Oh, so you have the invisibility cloak. Turn Scor back."


Al sighed a sigh of relief but Rose felt he had something off his sleeve. 

"Come with me."

They had no chance but to follow him."

James was bouncing ferret Scorpius down the path to the castle. When they got inside, James smiled in a cruel way. 

"Now I will turn him back. He threw Scorpius into the girls bathroom and then turned him back.

You could hear all the girls scream from miles away. Headmistress McGonagall ran down.

"What sort of nonsense has been going on here! I swear you kids are always getting into trouble. Scorpius, detention tonight!"

James was laughing in the hall. Rose and Al tried to tell Headmistress McGonagall what really happened but she didn't listen. 

Al whispered to Rose "We'll get him back. Don't you worry. We'll wipe that cocky smile off his face." 


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