Wishing For More

Rose Weasley heads off to her first year at Hogwarts. She forms a unlikely relationship with first year hottie, Scorpius Malfoy. Her family keeps on saying it won't last but she won't believe them. As they get to know each other, she keeps hoping that it will turn into more than friendship.


1. First Acquaintance

Rose stared out the window at her family waving good bye as she left for her first year at Hogwarts. She was excited but there was a nervous burning at her insides like a fire. Her cousin, Albus was nervous like her at the station but now it was like he was magically cured. He was stuffing his face with chocolate frogs.

"Boys,"  she thought.

"When there is food around, they are fine." 

What if no one liked her she thought. Or what if she was not sorted in Gryffindor. Her dad would be mad. He had joked he would disown her if she was sorted into another house. Even though he was joking, she kew he would be angry. Her mom, Hermione would be okay with what ever house she got into. Her mom was like, she understood her. Rose sighed impatiently, she was getting tired of watching Albus stuffing his face. It was disgusting.

"How many chocolate frogs have you had?"
 "Umm, I don't know. They are just so good. Want one?" Albus offered one to her. Rose loved chocolate frogs but she didn't feel like eating.

"No, thanks though."  She smiled at her cousin. 
"I think I'm going to take a walk. I'll be back in time to change into my robes."
" 'Kay'. "
Rose slid open the door. The rhythm of the train was soothing. But she was feeling loney as she looked at a group of students laughing in one compartment. Would she make good friends? Rose hoped so. Albus would probably make a whole bunch of friends. Well, she was friends with him but it didn't really count to her at that moment. She wanted to make friends with people outside of her family. It felt good to think that she had Albus though when she thought about it. He could be pensive at times but he was a good friend. He heard a boy laughing and saw James running. 
"James, what did you do this time?" she asked her cousin.
James loved playing pranks on everyone which could get annoying for Rose at times.
"Just giving that Malfoy git what he deserves."
"You don't even know him, he's new."
"Who cares, See you later Rosie."
Then James left as quickly as he came.
Rose started walking again. As she looked into a compartment, she saw that boy her dad had pointed out, that Malfoy boy. She was mad that James had judged him without meeting him and she didn't care what her father said. Rose wanted to meet him.
"Hi" Rose opened the compartment.
"Hi" He didn't move from looking out the window. 
"I'm sorry about my stupid cousin. I'm Rose. Nice to meet you."
The boy turned his head around and gave a charming smile.
"Hey, I'm Scorpius."
They shook hands and that felt right.

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