Wishing For More

Rose Weasley heads off to her first year at Hogwarts. She forms a unlikely relationship with first year hottie, Scorpius Malfoy. Her family keeps on saying it won't last but she won't believe them. As they get to know each other, she keeps hoping that it will turn into more than friendship.


7. Enemies on Warpath

Rays of light snuck into the dorm. It was finally moring. Rose jumped out of bed and looked at everyone else fast asleep. She was about to leave them when she realized that she had to wake them up. It was Sunday breakfast and everyone was required to eat breakfast at the same time. She shook everyone awake. Bonnie groaned and just went back to sleep and her two friends did the same. Rose was getting annoyed.

"Bonnie, Emmy, Callie wake up." Finally they got up and Bonnie started freaking out about her hair. Emmy and Callie kept telling her that her hair looked good. But Bonnie kept on saying it looked terrible. It looked excality the same way it did last night.

"I won't have time to curl it today." Bonnie flopped down the bed. Rose was just standing there ackward. She was going to head downstairs right now because she didnt't care about Bonnie's hair.

"Um, it's almost time to go. I'll see you guys down there."

Bonnie just ignored her and so did Callie but Emmy gave her a small real smile. Rose wished she and Emmy could be friends. Rose turned to leave downstairs and she ran down the stairs two at a time. She flew off the Girls Staircase and her feet almost reached the ground when she collided with Scorpius. Scorpius had been also running down his stairs. They landed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. A silence came over them again and they just stared at each other. Scorpius laughed

"Wow, this is an acwark position."

Rose smiled.

"Yeah. Are you excited for breakfast?"

"I'm hungry for the excitememt."

                     Downstairs Al was invested in another book. Just standing there. It was the prefect oppertunity for Rose to surpise him. She and Scorpius snuck up on Al and both tapped him on the shoulder. Al freaked out and turned around fast. He relaxed when he saw it was just them. Headmisstress McGonagall was going to open the door very soon. Rose saw her approach in a scaret robe. Rose looked at all the students. They didn't know that they were going to experience James sleeping in the great hall. McGonagall pushed open the big oak doors and she gasped in horror.

"Mr. Potter! What are you doing asleep on the Teacher's Table?"McGonagall was ferious! Rose could see James had just opened his eyes. Hearing McGonagall scream in his ears is not a pleasent way to wake up. Everyone in the hall watched as James woke up all confused and blurried eyed. Rose,Al, and Scorpius were all laughing in a conner together. They weren't the only ones, many people were laughing at James. Rose could see Jame's cheeks turn red, he was embarressed. Now he would understand how it felt.


"I see you wanted to make a grand apperance this moring. My office right now!"

McGonagall exscorted James out of the Great Hall. Jame's eyes widened when he saw Rose, Al, and Scorpius and he then narrioded his eyes at them. The laughs were bouncing off the wall. The teachers were trying to quiet down everyone with little effect. Finally, Professor Longbottom magnified his voice.

"Quiet down. I know it was funny but enough is enough."

It quieted down after that. Rose turned to Al and Scorpius. They high fived each other.


                           Flying had just finished. She had preformed poorly like usually. Rose was just terrible at flying. She was brilliant at spells but terrible at flight. She couldn't wait till she could stop taking these stupid lessons. All she did was make a fool of herself. Even her flight teacher looked at her in pity and Rose could see that she saw her as a lost cause. Rose was in a bad mood because she had fallen off her broom multiple times. She had some free time till Supper so she headed to the Common Room to find Scorpius. She found him struggling with his transfiguration. 

"Why are you so good at it Rosie? It is impossible." 

Rose sat down beside him on the couch that was red of course. She looked at his sheet of notes and helped him. She pointed out great tips. Scorpius was listening carefully to her. 

"Wow, this makes so much sense! Thanks so much!!!" Scorpius said.

Rose looked over and she saw Bonnie staring daggers at her. Well, Scorpius wasn't Bonnie's property. Scorpius was a person. Rose didn't like the look Bonnie was giving her. Bonnie didn't have any claim on him.

It was time to head down to Supper so they put away their school bags and ran down to dinner. Al was on the staircase and the three of them headed to dinner. They were almost there when someone intercepted their path. It was James! Wow, he was so mad at them.

"I know you guys pranked me. You made me look like a fool in front of everyone. This means war. Unless you want to back down and do my chores for a year."


"This means war!" James scowled at them.


"Dear Rose by the way, I sent Uncle Ron an owl informing him of your friendship with Scorpius. I bet he will love that." 

Rose went red, she knew dad wouldn't approve of her friendship with Scorpius.


"Bye. I am the master of pranks, remember that. You can't prank me and get the better of it!" James turned and left.

Al turned to Rose.

"Ignore him. We can convince Uncle Ron over Christmas break that Scor is nice."

"I just hope dad will allow himself to like Scor."

Al brightened "I have an idea. We'll send a letter to Uncle Ron saying why Scorpius is awesome and I'l get mom to invite Scor to our family's Christmas."

Rose thought that was a grand idea. They had a huge Christmas with their entire family and friends of the family.

Al turend to Scorpius. "Scor, would you be able to come for Christmas?"

"I'l have to ask but I would love to. I don't want to spend another lonely Christmas at Malfoy Manner. I just don't agree with my parents most of the time."

They walked though the doors and Al decided to see if it would be okay to sit with them. He wanted to test the rules, he hoped he would be able to sit down with his friends and no one cared. Many of the Gryffindor first year boys were friends with Al. The older students didn't pay attention to the first years. "Yes!" Al liked the Slytherins but he wanted to sit with his best friends. Luckily everyone had gotten over the fact that the famous Harry Potter's son was in Slytherin. Al thought the whole thing was stupid. The Slytherins got a bad reputation, they were actually nice. They had a hard time though. They were thought to be mean. Everyone bullies them, booes at them, and treats them like dirt. It is no surprise that some turn bad after being treated this way. Al thought becoming friends with people in other houses was the first step to making people see how stupid the stereotype is.

                  McGonagall stood up to talk. Rose was so hungry that she hoped that McGonagall would make the pre-Supper words short.

"I was going to tell you about a very important event this morning but events caused me to not be able to tell you."

Everyone one looked over at James.

"Now, at the start of December there will be a Hogwarts Ball!"






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