Wishing For More

Rose Weasley heads off to her first year at Hogwarts. She forms a unlikely relationship with first year hottie, Scorpius Malfoy. Her family keeps on saying it won't last but she won't believe them. As they get to know each other, she keeps hoping that it will turn into more than friendship.


5. Al's Great Plan

Scorpius came in limping, he brightened when he saw them. Rose rushed to him.

"What happened. You looked like you have been attacked by grindolws if they could walk on land?!"

"Some pleasant people attacked me because they don't like me. You know cuz my dad was a.."

"Who did these?" Rose demeaned, no one was going to hurt her friend and get away with it.

"Um, this is going to be awkward for you. Because it is your cousin James and some of his friends."

"Errrrrr, James is so mean."

As Scorpius sat down, Rose heard someone say "he is so cute." Rose whipped her head and saw Bonnie was looking at Scorpius. Luckily for her, Scorpius didn't hear. 

"Lets go to the library to talk about. James never goes there."

Scorpius grabbed some food to eat on the way to the library.


   Scorpius finsihed up the last bit and they walked into the library. Rose walked down the alies on the south side of the library:

                                               History of the Wizarding World

                                                        Useful Charms

                                                      Magical Plants and their Properties

                                                          Wizard Young Adult 


                                                           Muggle Books


                                                           Dusty Old Textbooks that are outdated

The trio stopped here. It was the perfect place to discuss their plans because no one ever went to this area of the library.

"So, what should the prank be?" Scorpius pushed a book out of the way so they could sit down.

"So, I have a plan."

"Of course you do Al. Al, you are a master of plans." Rose patted her cousin on the back.

"So, we use the levotating spell to get his four poster bed into the great hall. He is a heavy sleeper and will only work up if his alarm will ring. He wll have no alarm in the Great Hall so everyone will see him asleep. We will do it on the Sunday breakfast because everyone enters at the same time. Everyone will see him fast asleep."

Rose smiled. "Perfect."

They heard the library door open and saw Bonnie come in. 

"Hi everyone." But Rose saw she just had eyes for Scorpius. She felt jealously burning in her. Wait, she was friends with him. She made herself forget that feeling. She was just being protective of her friend, she thought to reassure herself.

"Scorpius, you were brilliant in Defense Against the Dark Arts. I am having trouble with the spells we learned. Can you help me?"

Rose looked at her with secret disgust, to pretend to be dumb so you could spend time with someone. 

"That is so low!" she thought in her head.

But Scorpius smiled at her.

"Of course, how about tonight in the common room?"

"Thanks so much!"

Bonnie left the library and Rose could see her posse behind her.

Rose couldn't believe Scorpius had fallen for Bonnie's tricks.

Scorpius interrupted her thoughts by telling them it was time to go to class.


Rose had one class with Scorpius in the afternoon but the last class she did not. After Defense Against the Dark Arts, she left feeling bruised but happy with herself. She looked for Scorpius so they could find out. She couldn't find him in the corridors so she tried to find her way to the Common Room. After many tries, she arrived. 

"Chocolate Frogs." The Fat Lady let her in while practicing her singing. The Fat Lady thought she was a great singer while in reality she wasn't that good. But everyone didn't tell her that because it would crush her. As she walked into the Common Room, she saw Bonnie and Scorpius laughing in a conner together. Rose turned on her heels and left feeling upset for some reason.








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