Forever and always

What happens when your dad is One Directions security guard? Will he let his daughter date a member? Find out in "forever and always."


1. Flowers and Tea

I walked home from school as I normally did. My car has still not come yet. I looked around me and saw all my neighbors either gardening or talking or just relaxing and taking in the  sun. I looked down to my white feet that were in my heels....I should probably tan... I got to my house an opened the door. My dad was still not back from work yet. Hmm, usually he's here. I walked upstairs and put my purse and binder on my bed. I stripped from my tank top and jeans and put on my blue polka-dotted strapless bikini. I looked down at my belly to see my feather belly button ring.  I grabbed my phone, headphones, sunscreen and a blanket. I put my long light brown hair into a bun and made my way downstairs. I made myself a smoothie, because well I was addicted to smoothies. I placed the blanket down outside while I started listening to my phone. My name is Sydney Cowell. I'm 17 and in grade 12. (Year 12).  I'm skinny but not to skinny. I had just settled down when I heard the door opened and closed. "Honey?" My dad said. My mom died when I was 6, along with my brother, Ryan. He was 11 and my mom was 26. I miss her everyday but I only need to move on. "Yea dad I'm outside!" "Hey sweetheart I have some news! You remember the boys right?" "Of course daddy!" "Well, they need a place to stay so there going to ce stay with us!" My dad was Paul. The security guard for One Direction. "Great Dad!" I grabbed my stuff and headed upstairs. I felt like getting a frappecinno from Starbucks. I was kinda lazy at the moment so I put on my coral crop top over my bathing suit and my acid washed jean shorts. I put on my scrappy sanders and grabbed my wallet and phone with my sunglasses and made my way to the door. "Hey dad I'm going to Starbucks. Want anything?" "No I'm fine but wait! There's a surprise outside for you!" He said running up behind me. He then handed me some keys. "Oh my god dad!!! I love you!!" My car had come in!! I ran out the door to see my jeep sitting there for me. I jumped in started it. "Be back by 500!" "Will do dad!" I drove to the nearest Starbucks and got a caramel ribbon crunch frappe. I decided that I would go to forever 21 when I got a call. "Hello?" "Hi this is The Lovely hair calling. I was just reminding to of your appointment today at 430." "Oh shit I totally forgot. Ok I will be there." "Alright see you then." I checked the time. It was 415. Alright so no Forever 21. I drove down the familiar London streets. I arrived at the hair place at 425. I walked in to be greeted by Mary, my hair dresser. "Hello love! So what are we doing today?" She asked. "Well I was thinking of ombré." I trailed off. "Perfect lets get started then!" She did her stuff and I payed walking out of the hair place with now ombred hair that was straight. I got home at 530. Oops. "Sydney!!!" My dad yelled. Shit. "Yes dad?" "Where have you been, we've been waiting for you." "We've?" "Have you forgotten?" Shit I did. The boys are here. 

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