School (1D not famous)

1D NOT FAMOUS. Zoe has a good life. She's a good girl in school, makes good grades, doesn't get into trouble, and never gets involved in fights. Zoe is dating Zayne Malik. Her best friends are Perrie Edwards, Eleanor Calder, and Louis Tomlinson.


2. Chapter 2

I walked into my house. A few hours later I decide to visit Zayne at his house so I walk. Once I get there I allow my self into his house and look for him. I check his room and see Zayne and a bleached blonde tramp laying in bed... naked. They both look at me and I notice that it isn't just any bleach blonde tramp, It's Perrie. "What are you doing here?" Zayne asks me with a nervous look on his face. "I was visiting my boyfriend." I said trying my hardest not to yell. "Well... what are you doing now then?" Zayne asked still looking very nervous. "Leaving my EX-boyfriend with the tramp I once called my best friend!" I yelled emphasizing Ex and running out of the house. I ran to the first person I could think of, Eleanor. I knocked on the door and heard Eleanor yell "Come in" from the inside. I walked inside and tears were running down my face faster then the speed of light. Eleanor ran to me and asked me "Whats wrong!?" I just kept crying and yelled "That damn liar and that damn tramp I CAN'T BELIEVE THEM why did they do it!?" I yelled and questioned. "Calm down, slow down, and tell me what happened." Eleanor said trying to figure out what I was talking about. I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. "I walked over to Zayne's house and I saw him having sex with Perrie, I yelled at both of them and ran outside crying and I ran to your house. Here I am now." I explained to her and she hugged me. "Do you want to stay the night here?" Eleanor asked trying to find a way to make me feel better. I nodded and she called my parents and told them that I was staying the night at her house so they didn't worry when I didn't come home that night.

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