School (1D not famous)

1D NOT FAMOUS. Zoe has a good life. She's a good girl in school, makes good grades, doesn't get into trouble, and never gets involved in fights. Zoe is dating Zayne Malik. Her best friends are Perrie Edwards, Eleanor Calder, and Louis Tomlinson.


1. Chapter 1

BEEP BEEP BEEP! I slammed my hand on my alarm clock and got up for another day in high school. I picked up my phone and texted Zayne "Are you still picking me up babe?" "Of course!" He texted back in less than three seconds. I got ready and waited for Zayne at my door. After a few more minutes Zayne knocked on the door ready to drive us to school. We hopped in his car and listened to the radio. Soon enough we arrived at school and Perrie was waiting for me. I walked to my locker where I was greeted by Eleanor and her boyfriend Louis. We all had math as first period so we always walked there together. Nothing really happened all day until lunch. I walked in and sat with Eleanor, Louis, and Zayne at our usual table. Liam and Danielle walked in together and then they started talking louder and louder until talking turned into yelling and yelling turned into arguing. I ran off to the girls bathroom so I didn't have to witness the argument and all of the people crowding around them encouraging them to argue. A few minutes later I heard running in the hall way and walked out of the girls bathroom just in time to have a certain boy by the name of Zayne run into me. "I'm so sorry Zoe I didn't mean to run into you, I was looking for you." I nodded and we walked back to the lunch room. The rest of the school day went by quickly and before I knew it Zayne was dropping me off at my house.

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