Devlyn isnt a normal 14 year old boy...the catch? He's a Devil.


1. Prologue


Fire blasted out of every direction, red hot flames gulfed my surroundings. My eyes scanned the area, trees were lit like torches, people were screaming their lungs out in terror, the whole situation was chaotic. I let my head hang, my horns and tail were scraped into bleeding cuts. I clutched my waist and clammed my teeth to keep from screeching in pain. “DEVLYN!” I heard a familiar voice yell my name. My head lifted, “are…you ok”, Logan asked breathlessly, his red cardinal wings were now torn and singed. My black bangs covered my eyes so I couldn’t quite see his dust-covered face, but I was pretty sure a pained expression was stained on Logan as I spoke, “yeah, yeah.. I’m ok”, I whispered quietly, nodding my head. Logan furrowed his brow with frustration and tugged at my arm , “we have to go now”, he demanded. I rolled my copper eyes, tearing my arm away from his grasp. I hoped he would recognize my irritation and fly away but he just…stood there. Using my tri-spear as a cane, I staggered to my feet. And just like that my legs gave out and I fell to the forest floor once again. “You’re so stubborn”, Logan growled under his breath, he wrapped his arm around my waist, helping me to my rightful posture. More flames climbed up the trees surrounding us, and what I mean by us I mean a bunch of warlocks, witches, shifters, fairies, a handful of angels, and well… five devils. Yep, welcome to the freak-show.

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