The Plan

So I started out writing my first fanfiction about Niall, then realized I really didn't like where the story was going. So I am writing a second one now, with my best friend (who isn't a 1D fan, but she is a great writer). Sorry if I get this published and don't update, because this summer I have summer assignments and we are just going to be busy a lot. Hope you enjoy!
Story: Harry was 1/5 of the hottest boyband in the world, and Mackynzie was a girl from a small town in South Carolina in the USA. She wants to travel to London while attending college to study midwifery and business management abroad, but as she is only still making her way through high school, that seems forever out of her reach. Soon after thinking her plans are 100%, she finds that maybe one boy can change all of this......


5. **UPDATE**

So sorry I haven't been posting anything for a little bit, but I have had some major things I need to do. I have two big summer assignments that just have to get done since I am coming up on July and we go back to school in mid August. Also, I have been working on getting a head in my schooling, so that includes me taking a summer class and looking at colleges. I am getting my braces off tomorrow (June 26th *le fist pump*) and I just sort of can not multi task as much as I wish I could this summer. Once my assignments get done I will be more available and just after my school year starts and we settle in I will be back in my groove for writing. Thank you for sticking with me, and getting me to *almost* 100 reads as of tonight. I would love to hear more from you guys so please (I am literally begging you) to comment suggestions, praise, criticism down below and like the story. ALSO share it! If you love it, hate it, don't know what to think ask friends to read and if you admin a page on Facebook, mention it on there. Love y'all, and also make sure to tell me if you have your own stories you would like me to look at.
~Katie XOXO


Again I am sorry nothing has been posted in a while! If y'all would comment ideas/reflections of the story in the comments that would be awesome, and I will definitely be back as soon as I get back on my regular schedule (August 13th approximately). Thanks for all the reads, and please share my story around! It would mean so much to get really recognized once the story starts progressing more. <3
~Katie XOXO

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