The Plan

So I started out writing my first fanfiction about Niall, then realized I really didn't like where the story was going. So I am writing a second one now, with my best friend (who isn't a 1D fan, but she is a great writer). Sorry if I get this published and don't update, because this summer I have summer assignments and we are just going to be busy a lot. Hope you enjoy!
Story: Harry was 1/5 of the hottest boyband in the world, and Mackynzie was a girl from a small town in South Carolina in the USA. She wants to travel to London while attending college to study midwifery and business management abroad, but as she is only still making her way through high school, that seems forever out of her reach. Soon after thinking her plans are 100%, she finds that maybe one boy can change all of this......


2. The Concert

"Ugh, that nap did me in. I just want to sleep all day now!" I walked slowly into the kitchen, talking to my mom before we left. I was in my all black uniform, and had my hair up in a ponytail.

"Are you okay to drive then?" My mom grabbed our water bottles while I grabbed the work bag we shared.

"Yeah. I'm not going to fall asleep at the wheel, but I won't guarantee that on the way back, so we should take your car." She smiled at me, knowing how tired I get when I have to be at school then work half the night after. Normally we get home around 12:30 on a good night after a concert, but sometimes we can make it back as early as 1:30.

"Lets go." She said, and we set off on our half hour drive to the venue. We arrived, signed in then made our way over to the stand

"Hi guys! We just finished counting cups, we need to stock waters and powerades in the coolers, then double check pretzels before we prepare them for the warmers. The cooks should be here soon to start on meat, which looks good on the counts." Mrs. Stephens, a really nice mom who also worked with us a lot for the fund raising (we made money for the boys soccer team since they travel a lot to play), always filled us in on everything as soon as we walked up so we could finish up right away. Her son, Derek (Pronounced Der-ick for anyone who wasn't sure. I'm not 100% how most people spell it) brought out the flats on bottled drinks for me to stock the coolers out front with, and his mom came over to talk to me while we worked.

"So I heard from your mom that you like this band. You should be able to go out to the platform to watch too. I heard they never had those seats up for sale."

"That's odd. They sold out every other seat in, like, five minutes. I thought they would have put up any available seats." I had put in the whole first flat of waters, filling up the cooler to the correct number needed, so I moved to fill the other machine.

"I heard someone here was a One Direction fan, but had to work instead of getting tickets..." Our manager, George, came up to talk to us. He was awesomely nice and always came in to help us when we were slammed with people.

"That would be me. I guess word travels fast around here." I talked loudly so the sound would carry because I was facing away from him, still finishing up with the cooler.

"Well, maybe I could let you go watch them preform a little. After the first rush would be a good time..." I put the last bottle away, then spun around with a big smile on my face

"That would be awesome! Thank you!!!" I was so happy right now, that I couldn't even believe that he offered it.

"Don't thank me for that. It's not like it's against any specific rules." I rolled my eyes, knowing that there were indirect rules that talked about where we were allowed to take breaks and what not, but before I could make a come back the radio called him down to somewhere else where he was needed. We all called 'see 'ya later!' to him, then finished up our preparations.

"So do you think they'll see you standing up there and you might get to meet the boys?" Mrs. Stephens asked

"Of course not. That never happens. I'll just go up to listen for a little bit, maybe take some video to save for a memory, then go back to work and wish I could get tickets for the stadium tour." I turned and walked out the stand to set up the condiment cart, and Derek was told to follow me so he could move the heavy condiment containers for me. As soon as we finished, the first wave of people began to move into the concourse. We served sodas, junk foods that would serve as dinner for many people, and also plenty of sweets that would add to the rush of a concert experience. As soon as the crowds died down, and the opening bands finished playing, George was back around to tell me I needed to go out and watch the show. I walked quickly over to the opening to the stadium.

"Are you the girl George told me would be over here for the show?" The security guard asked. She was the only one, and I could see why. It was off the side of the stage far enough that seats here wouldn't have sold.

"That's me. Probably the one fan here that has to work and didn't get tickets."

"Well, I'm Nancy. Nice to meet you." I moved to shake her hand, and introduced myself to her. When she asked me about the spelling, she thought it was 'cutely unique'.

"I love that name. That's my oldest girl's middle name, but it's spelled Mackenzie. I'm sure any one of those boys down there on that stage would think so to." I laughed at her prediction. The boys had taken the stage now and were opening up with What Makes You Beautiful.

"They might like the name, but in my case not the girl that goes with it. I am probably the least likely girl for any of them." It was her turn to laugh. I looked at her, and said "Well it's true! Plus I have everything planned out. I finish high school here, take some college courses at the local college during my senior year to get a jump start in that, then transfer to London in the abroad study program. I'll get married after that, then have a job from home and raise my 9 kids with homeschool and morals." She rolled her eyes at my explanation.

"Honey by the time your my age, you will wish you relaxed a little and had some fun. Maybe we can get their attention and, trust me, they will see you and go crazy. But first, can you teach me their names? I know one of them is Irish and the curly haired on is Harry, but that's about all."

"Okay. The Irish one is Niall, he has the blonde hair. Then you know Harry. Zayn in the one with the dark hair that's in the quiff. Liam has the buzzed hair, and Louis is the one with the stripes on. I hope you payed attention, there will be a pop quiz later."

"Okay, I think I got it. Is there any one that is your favorite? They are all cute, but you have to have a favorite."

"Harry. But if I even got to the point of meeting them and he somehow magically fell in love with me, like every girl in this fandom hopes for from on of the guys, then my parents would put a stop to any relationship. He sorta has the more bad boy reputation. Dating older girls, the tattoos, drinking. Not someone my dad would approve of for me." I laughed at my mental picture of my dad's reaction to first seeing a picture of Harry shirtless that came up on my Facebook news feed.

"Well he doesn't seem horrible. Maybe we can get him to notice you. There are miracles in this world!"

"I'm not going to be one of the crazy girls who throws stuff on stage or cries when I don't get them to follow me back on twitter. It looks desperate and it really isn't my style. Plus, like I said before, they won't notice because I am not their type. I am working in a food stand. I smell like grease and sweat and I have hardly any make up on. I am not attractive right now!"

"Hello Greenville! Don't forget that you can still send in your twitter questions until we do the live reading of them here tonight!" Liam announced after they had finished singing Heart Attack.

"And send in some good ones!! Maybe some dares too!" Harry added. Then I saw Nancy glance at me with a smile on her face

"Don't you dare. If you do and it gets picked, I swear I will deny it to the ends of the earth." I was trying to sway her from the thought with all the motivation in my body. I almost sounded desperate, pleading. But she wouldn't drop the scheme.

"I have a twitter you know? I may be old, but I'm not that old. And I can find their website. It's the perfect plan. They will notice you, and you can't prevent it." She had her phone out a second later, and was already finding the link on Google. All I could think was crap crap crap crap! What if they pick the question? They probably will because it would be funny. They like this kind of thing. It makes good publicity. Why did I take that stupid marketing class? Now I was worrying over the fact that I knew it was something that was looked for specifically to make celebrities more famous then they already were.

"There. Sent. Now, you calm down and watch them sing and we'll wait and see if we get picked. You will thank me later." I put my arms over the railing, resting my head down on top of them. I just shook my head from side to side repeating 'my life is over'.


I hope y'all like this chapter! I stayed up late on a Saturday night when I have church in the morning because I wanted to finish it and so you could keep reading! Comment your favorite parts below, as well as any suggestions or constructive criticism
~Katie <3




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