The Plan

So I started out writing my first fanfiction about Niall, then realized I really didn't like where the story was going. So I am writing a second one now, with my best friend (who isn't a 1D fan, but she is a great writer). Sorry if I get this published and don't update, because this summer I have summer assignments and we are just going to be busy a lot. Hope you enjoy!
Story: Harry was 1/5 of the hottest boyband in the world, and Mackynzie was a girl from a small town in South Carolina in the USA. She wants to travel to London while attending college to study midwifery and business management abroad, but as she is only still making her way through high school, that seems forever out of her reach. Soon after thinking her plans are 100%, she finds that maybe one boy can change all of this......


3. The Boys

So this is, I think, the best chapter so far. I am like so excited to get to a bunch of other parts too as soon as they come up with the story flow. I love hearing your comments and it really helps me want to keep writing by getting a feedback! When ever I go through stuff I write and it helps so much, so please keep up the comments/suggestions/criticism because anything helps!!! XOXO
~Katie <3

About a half hour later the boys got to the twitter questions. When I heard the announcement they made, it pulled me out of my daze I tend to go into while listening to music. Louis read off the first question from a girl named Lexi, who was somewhere in the center of the floor sections. Then the next was read by Niall, again not the one Nancy sent in. After a few more, they were finally on their last one. It took a moment to pull up on the screen, and I could feel the giant knot in my stomach jump to my throat every time I breathed or my heart took another beat. Then, Harry chose to read this one off.

" 'If I had a friend who wasn't confident in whether or not someone like you boys would date her, would you be willing to meet her to prove her wrong?' This is an interesting question. Lets see.... It's from Nancy in section 327."
"Ohhhhh my gosh!" I yelled out, luckily unheard by the guys since there was an uproar of screams at the end of his sentence.

"Are there even seats up there?" Louis asked

"There are, but I don't think they were being sold." Zayn added. All the boys were looking straight up at us now. A guy with a microphone walked over to us, as they did with all the other girls who sent in questions and got picked. He tried handing it to me, but I pointed to Nancy and she confirmed it was her who sent in the question. He looked surprised, but didn't ask about it.

"Are you the one who sent in the question?" Niall asked Nancy

"Yes! And my friend is this girl here, she has been volunteering in the food stand out here to raise money for a local soccer team, and she thinks she is unattractive because she doesn't have on make up and has her uniform on and apparently smells like food. But, she is quite the charmer and she is naturally beautiful, just like her name." Nancy looked over at me a smirked a little.

"Please just kill me now!" I mumbled under my breath as I leaned back on the rail, putting my head in my hands. I could tell my face was bright red because I could feel the warm flush of the blood under my skin. I looked up, why though I will never know, and I saw that Zayn, Liam and Louis had smiles on their faces, Niall was cracking up, and Harry looked slightly concerned but also like he was trying to get a better look at my face through the glare of the spotlights and the fact that it was darker up in our section. I turned my back on the stage and tried to take deep breaths to calm my body down before I had a panic attack.

"C'mon love, I'm sure you don't look too horrible. Most girls think they are ugly or unattractive, but a lot of them are really beautiful." Harry was trying to encourage me to go along with this, but the rest of the boys still found it funny. I could sort of hear someone telling the boys they needed to hurry it up, so that they wouldn't be running late, but I just wanted this to be over. I was about to just walk out of the arena all together, and then I heard a roar of screams coming from the crowd of girls below. I spun around quickly, noticing that Harry had run back stage, and all the other boys look confused.

"Where would he go? He can't walk through the open part of the building, he would get mobbed." I look at Nancy, and she just shrugged her shoulders. I stayed for a little bit, being one of the many trying to figure out the confusion. Then, I felt large hands land on my shoulders, spinning me around quickly. When my eyes refocused I could see it was Harry. He was out of breath, and some members of security appeared behind him shortly after. I'm guessing he just ran up several flights of stairs and even out ran the security team.

"What are you doing?" I asked quietly, as the girls in the section closest to us that had seats sold went wild over seeing Harry so close to them.

"Well I didn't think you were ever going to comply with my request, so I had to come all the way up here to get a good look at you. You are really pretty." I laughed at his compliment

"I bet you see hundreds of thousands of other girls every day who are ten times as pretty as I am. Most of these girls who sit in the front sections are rich, pampered and get everything they want. They go to every party and have the huge sweet sixteen parties. They have private singing lessons and can play popular instruments. I don't wear cool clothes, I can sing but won't because I don't like my voice, I play the clarinet and a bunch of other nerdy instruments. My make up isn't always perfect and I am 4 foot 11 and 3/4, wearing a size 7 dress. I don't want you to come looking at who I am because being in the spotlight isn't for me. I'm no supermodel, princess, big singer, or TV presenter. I'm not even well known in my class at my small high school." Harry looked at me, a little shocked. He seemed like this was the worst thing someone could say about them self. He dropped his hands from my shoulders, and now there was a lot of quiet around us. Then, he grabbed my hand in his, opened my hand palm side up, and set his mic in my hand. (Hate to cut in here, but I know this is all cleashay and would NEVER happen to ANYONE. But, I like the story line, and people can dream right? I have just seen and heard a lot of hate on fanfictions that have wild, outrageous events and I just wanted to say that it's a story and I think it's fun to read and write what will never happen. P.S. What if one of these ends up getting published as a book or whatever! That would be awesome! Okay, end mini rant!! ~Katie <3) I looked at him like he was crazy, then he leaned in to wisper

"Come down to the stage with me. Sing. If they like you, then you have to come with me and preform with us. That will prove to you that anyone can become a someone. If they don't like your song, I will accept that maybe you were right and will give up my confidence that every girl is beautiful no matter what. Because if you can't be beautiful in your own skin, how can other girls be. Since apparently you are like all those girls who can't believe in them selves." I was shocked to hear him say this, and I couldn't even speak. My mouth had gone dry. I took a deep breath in, then out, before I could give my response as only a head nod. He smiled at me, and I smiled back.

"This doesn't mean you won. And, I don't think anyone will be able to see me on stage in this. I'll just blend in with all the other black things." We were stepping onto the elevator, heading down to where the dressing rooms were. Nancy was getting my mom and the other ladies from the stand to come watch. Harry laughed, the mood now lighter, even though my stomach was in knots over the task I was now faced with.

"We will get you a dress. And, what song do you want to sing so we can prepare the band?" I thought about it for a second, then the perfect song came to mind. I sang it all the time when I was in my room writing or getting ready for school in the morning. I even put notes for class to it to help me remember. It was a nice song, but one not a lot of directioners may like. Plus it was always nice to listen to. I looked up at Harry as I said the title, and artist who sang it, confidently.

"Fearless by Taylor Swift ."

I loved writing that!!! I know that song isn't like super popular among the Directioner group probably because of the whole Haylor thing. It is one of my favorite songs and I went back and forth between a ton of different songs that I am a fan of (including some Little Mix songs). But, I will post the youtube link when the time comes for Mackynzie to sing the song on stage..... if she doesn't chicken out first.... *hint hint*.
~Katie <3

P.S. I love reading comments and hearing back from you guys, so comment suggestions, parts you liked/disliked, constructive criticism. It all helps me reflect and become a better writer, plus it's just nice to know y'all are reading and enjoying!







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