The Plan

So I started out writing my first fanfiction about Niall, then realized I really didn't like where the story was going. So I am writing a second one now, with my best friend (who isn't a 1D fan, but she is a great writer). Sorry if I get this published and don't update, because this summer I have summer assignments and we are just going to be busy a lot. Hope you enjoy!
Story: Harry was 1/5 of the hottest boyband in the world, and Mackynzie was a girl from a small town in South Carolina in the USA. She wants to travel to London while attending college to study midwifery and business management abroad, but as she is only still making her way through high school, that seems forever out of her reach. Soon after thinking her plans are 100%, she finds that maybe one boy can change all of this......


1. The Beggining

So this is just some background to start off the story, and it has nothing to do with any of the boys. The next chapter will start out the decent action though, and so if you want just skip this chapter! I just like having some background, and it helps me get the story on track since I tend to jump around in my writing.

I woke up to my alarm blaring out one of my favorite songs, More Beautiful You by Johnny Diaz. I groaned, rolling over to grab my phone off the bed side table my phone laid on to charge every night. Several heavy study books and multicolored highlighters fell to the floor, but I couldn't care less right now. I had been up to who knows how long studying for my final exams. I believe I got a record high of 4.5 hours for finals week. Having to wake up at 6 in the morning five days a week for a 7 hour school day doesn't help much either. Flipping through the playlists on my phone, I stumbled my way to the shower so I could get the water warmed up while I chose what songs to play while I got ready.

I know, it's weird to play music off your phone while showering. But I enjoy hearing music first thing. It's nice to listen to something other than the same old people discuss the ever changing weather patterns of Greenville, South Carolina. Plus music is my thing. I may not sing or play a super awesome instrument (only the clarinet that I hadn't touched after 8th grade graduation) but I do still love having it around all the time. While I study, read, write, browse my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. If only I could have permanent headphones implanted into my brain. That way I wouldn't have to buy new ear buds when they break or be constrained to moving while listening in my own bubble.

The shower water I had left to heat up was now at steamy perfection. I took showers so warm that my skin gets slightly red (not burnt, just flushed from the humidity) and I feel like I'm curled up back in my bed. Letting the hot water run over my body is relaxing and releases the ever present tension in my muscles. I sighed as I grabbed my coconut shampoo from the shelf, pouring the perfect amount into my hand and running the soap through my soaked hair. The smell immediately engulfed my nose and lingered even after it was all rinsed down the drain. My conditioner had the same scent, with the same effects, but this time my hair came out smooth as could be. I regretted having to shut off the water, and my heat source, but my school bus would be here in an hour, and it would take me that long to finish getting ready.

I toweled my hair, then brushed through some returning tangles as I worked relentlessly with my blow dryer to attempt to add some volume. Giving up when my hair held flat I plugged my headphones in so I could continue listening to Wanted by Hunter Hayes as I ate my breakfast. Granola with strawberries and vanilla yogurt was my typical meal, but this morning I couldn't find my yogurt tub in the fridge.

"Mom!" I called. She came walking out of the laundry room, wondering what I needed. "I can't find my yogurt. You know it's like my ritual breakfast. I can't go take this test without it."
"Well I let your sister have some yesterday. I didn't realize there wasn't enough left to leave some for you this morning."

"Oh my gosh. Jessie!" I shouted running up the stairs. She wouldn't be up yet, knowing her. But I needed to know if she had eaten the rest of my yogurt. "Jessie! I need to know if you ate the rest of my yogurt yesterday. I need it before my test!" She groggily pushed herself up on her elbows and just looked at me for a second, slowly processing my words.

"Umm, yeah. But I bought you some more when I stopped by the store yesterday. I think it got put in the freezer."
"Okay.... I guess I can leave it out today to defrost. I'll just stop by the cafe and have breakfast there." I hurried to my room, getting ready quickly so I would have plenty of time to get to the cafe down the street from school and still make my test. It started at 8, I had to be there at 7:40 and it was still 7. So, since I was walking out the door now and it would take 5 minuets to get there, the 3 to get back to the school I would have about 25 minuets to stand in line and eat. Not bad.

~Later, at the cafe~

"Hey Emilee!" I smiled as I stepped up to the counter to see my best friend finishing up a coffee order for the guy who had finished ordering in front of me. Her manager, Kelly, took my order (throwing in a free 'for good luck' coffee) while she got my breakfast ready to go.

"All ready for your test this morning?" Kelly inquired as I sat at the counter to eat.

"Of course! You aren't not ready for a test like this. 6 weeks. 6 weeks I've been studying for this. Not to mention the whole year learning everything. I swear, I thought AP US History would be the end of me. Luckily, I made it through with straight A's and I am totally prepared for anything they throw at me. Those essays won't stand a chance."

"Just don't burn a hole through your paper from writing so much that your pen overheats from the friction" Emilee smirked a cheeky grin at me from behind the counter. She always knows how to get me to chill out before a major thing in my life. Every huge event that I could possibly be stressed out about since the 7th grade, she was there for me. We met at a conference that we both spoke at. It was small, maybe 250 people tops. I was about to go on and she was directing me on where to stand when I almost chickened out. She had convinced me I would be fine, and then I tripped over the mic cord that was taped to the stage with bright red duct tape.

"Maybe you should be careful too. You might burn a hole through someone's head with that stare of yours you get when your concentrating on something." She had her 'thinking face' on. "Whats up?"

"Nothing! I'm not concentrating on anything. I'm concentrating on a someone." I followed her gaze to a cute boy at table 4. (Yeah, I work here too on weekends sometimes. Only to fill in shifts for some people)

"Yeah, he's cute. But I gotta go. I have to be there in 7 minutes. Wish me luck!" I grabbed my purse and starting moving toward the door while my friends wished me good luck. I jumped in my old truck shutting the door before I started it up. Then pulled smoothly out of my parking space and up to the school. My car was one of only a couple dozen in the student lot. I got out quickly, grabbing my small 'testing bag' I used every year, and tried to get inside quickly so I would be avoiding any doubt that I was late. The hallways were quiet, but I knew that all the buzzing conversation would be in the hallway outside the testing room.

"Mackynzie! I thought you were going to chicken out on us for once!" One of my classmates, and another long time best friend, Leen met me halfway. "I studied all night, didn't get to bed until 2:30 I was so nervous."

"No need for you to be freaking. I should be worried, but I never skip. That is an impossible thing for me. Just can't be done. Although, neither can staying up past 12-midnight on any day. I will never know how you do it." I smiled at her, knowing that cracking small jokes relaxed all of us a little. She smiled at my slight jealousy over her 'magical powers' that kept her awake

"It's a skill. You have to develop it over time. And you could do it, your just too busy between your volunteer work, filling in at the cafe for people and school. You need a break."

"I do not!" But, just as I finished my remark, my mom texted me telling me they wanted me to replace someone for the concert tonight. We work the concession stands at various events, and I did it to help with the fundraising. "No way...." I mumbled under my breath

"What?!?! What is it?" Leen sounded like it might be the end of the world. "Did you forget to study something? Do you need a spare pen?"

"No no no no. My mom said they needed to sign me up to work the concert tonight, but guess who is playing tonight?" I was going to either be really busy tonight, or I might be able to have fun.

"Who????" She seemed like she would burst with anticipation, but also seemed more calm at the fact that I wasn't ill prepared.

"One Direction" I mumbled

"Oh. My. Gosh." A huge smile spread over her face. We were both fans, but I was less crazy about them than she was. We had both asked for tickets, but neither of us got them. My mom said they were too expensive and her parents wouldn't let her go without supervision AND they thought it was an unhealthy 'obsession'. "Do you know what this means! You can actually see them. Living. Breathing. In concert. Live. This is amazing!!! You have to get pictures for me!"

"You know I may not be able to. I have to work. Most times they wont let us go stand out there." I wasn't as excited, but at least I could hear the music from our stand. We had sections of the arena right across from us, but if the seats there were sold out they wouldn't let us stand to watch.

"Well at least you get the atmosphere of it all. It's better than nothing and-"

"All AP US History students need to make their way to the testing room now. Anyone not in their seats by 8:15 will not be allowed to test." The exam proctor moved back into the room after her announcement. Leen and I gave each other looks that silently told each other 'good luck'. We had to sit on completely opposite sides of the room, since her last name started with an 'A' (Abercrombrie) and mine with a 'W' (Williams). I put my bag on the table in the back, then took my assigned seat. I moved my shoulders, stretched the fingers on my right hand, and bubbled in all the information on the front of my answer sheet/test booklet. Leen gave me one last glance for good luck, and we got to start our tests.

~Three hours later~

"Ow, ow, ow!" I was stretching out my hand after time had been called and the proctor picked up all our test booklets. I filled up almost the entire space on both of my free response essays, and it took me almost the whole time. Leen met up with me after I had grabbed my bag.

"So you get to leave right after, right? Because you have your car and you have that concert to work tonight!"

"No, I don't get to leave right after. I have a meeting with my counselor to finalize some papers for my finishing classes early, then I get to drive home and sleep some because I am really tired, then I ice my hand if it still hurts, then we go to the arena to begin setting up for our long night working the concert. I only get to leave school about an hour and a half early." I smiled at Leen as we both sat down at our usual lunch table, getting to have first lunch (11:20am) since we just took a two and a half hour test. I pulled out my 'special' lunch I prepared last night. A philly cheese steak that had tri-tip steak cuts, provolone and cheddar cheese slices, sweet tea, grapes and some bread pudding. I figured I needed a delicious lunch to celebrate the end of my major tests.

"You always have the best food. You could seduce Niall that way...."

"Stop saying that kind of stuff! You do know I will never meet them, let alone marry one of them or even get to first base." I smiled, but I was serious. Leen laughed at the fact even I couldn't keep a straight face. Then I got called to the office, and the rest of my went as planned. Sort of.....

I hope those of y'all who decided to read the chapter liked it! The next few chapters will be so much better, and I have been waiting for so long to be able to get to typing/publishing this point in the story. I have so many bits and pieces that work together, but I just need to put them together. So stay tuned.....

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