Living the Dream

When a girl wins the greatest opportunity of her life, will she run away or be too consumed in a relationship to even know what she is doing?

This story is about a girl in a small town with big dreams. The one phone call made the most hardworking girl, Coral Williams, into the most accepted girl on the planet.

*in this story Justin Bieber doesn't live in Canada and isn't famous. just follow the story line and you will see.......*


6. you're in!

Chapter 4

 you're in!

"Oh my god!! Your one direction!!" I said happily

"Yes we are. How are you today?" Liam said

"Good..amazing.. completely suprised!!" I said

"Glad to hear that! Whats your name sweetheart?" Harry said

"I am coral and my friend is justin" i said

"Nice to meet you both!" Louis said

"Thanks! Mind if we get a picture?" I asked.

"No problem love" liam said.

I got up from my chair and handed my phone to justin to take the picture for me. As soon as i saw the picture i laughed at the silky face louis made and immediatly made it my wallpaper.

"Can i ask you guys a question?" I asked

"Sure thing love!" Harry said

"Well me and justin prepared a little something to show you. But i guess if-"

"We would love to see it!" Zayn said

"Really?!?" I said pretty shocked

"Coral. They just said they want to see it" justin said squeezing my hand to try to bring me out of this fantasy that i thought that i was having. Nope it was reality.

"Do you have a little dance studio for us then?" I asked

"Yes actually. Come on let's go!" Zayn said and louis ran out the door

I giggled and followed the now running louis to the studio. Once there i stepped out of my street clothes to reveal my dancing clothes underneath. Once i did so i saw justin sitting on a chair warming up his voice. As i started to do a split to warm myself up from any cramps, all i felt were someone's eyes staring at me.


She is beautiful. Her eyes, her laugh, her smile. Everything about her made my stomach turn. I didnt say anything in fear of making myself look like an idot. I hope i didnt look like one. When i got to the studio i took a deep breath and walked in. I saw coral stepping out of her clothes to reveal dance wear. I wasnt expecting that at all. I sat down with the boys to try to get my head together when she did a split. I couldnt help but stare and look at her bum. After stretching for a while she got up and a good friend of mine, scooter, walked through the door.

When he saw me he walked over to me and said, "you don't even know the girl for 10 minutes and you already have the eyes for her. Good luck man"

"Thanks" i mumbled.

"Ok so you ready for us?" Coral asked

"Sure love" harry said smiling cheekily while i sighed.

As her friend justin, who was probably her boyfriend, sat ready to play the guitar, coral got into her starting position. Justin started to play and coral started to dance. Justin started to sing which i found by the chords he was playing a song from my buddy ed sheeran. Coral was such an amazing dancer. I wish i could call her mine....


As i finished dancing i looked to justin, ran up to him, and gave him a big hug.

"Justin you were amazing" i told him

"You aren't so bad yourself" he replied jokingly and giving me a wink. But it wasnt soon after that that i felt someone's eyes burning into me. I shrugged it off as the boys and scooter. Wait what?!?! SCOOTER BRAUN WAS HERE?!?!

"Hey justin you have some talent there" scooter said

"Seriously?" Justin said

"Yup. Can i sign you?" Scooter asked

"Is that a serious question or am i on punked?" Justin asked

Scorer laughed and replied "no buddy this is real life and you have SERIOUS SKILLS THERE" scooter said.

"Wow that is amazing. Congrats justin!!" I said giving him a big hug.

"I cant believe it" he said

"Hey can we do our special dance?" I asked justin

"Why not? Hey guys got a speaker for my iPhone?" Justin asked. Liam showed him where the plug in was and justin put on our song.

With that me and justin did our hip hop dance we made up when we were bored one day. I guess we were good because we got a round of applause. When everyone came up to us to tell us how amazing we were i saw some one get up and leave the room. Wait.... Why did niall leave??

A/N sorry about the VERY late and sucky update. More to come though.....


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