Living the Dream

When a girl wins the greatest opportunity of her life, will she run away or be too consumed in a relationship to even know what she is doing?

This story is about a girl in a small town with big dreams. The one phone call made the most hardworking girl, Coral Williams, into the most accepted girl on the planet.

*in this story Justin Bieber doesn't live in Canada and isn't famous. just follow the story line and you will see.......*


1. the phone call

"Two more minutes until you hear the tone to dial in!! Who's got their phones ready for a once in a lifetime opportunity with a mystery guest?" I heard the radio announcer say.


Yes. If you cant tell i have been listening to this radio station for the longest time not moving a inch for fear of missing the tone. Well let me introduce myself while i'm at it. My name is Coral Williams and i have been working at a little coffee shop for the past 5 years while also being a full time student at my college for the arts. Now most people don't know what the arts are. The arts are talents like singing, dancing, acting... you get my point. Well i have danced literally since i could walk and the stage has been my second home for the longest time.


I continued to think about dancing, almost completely missing the tone to dial in. I dialed as fast as my thumbs could and turned up the volume on my radio as loud as it could. I then heard the man, or DJ Mickey D, get on the microphone.


"Well it looks like we have out winner!! Whats your name sweetie?" He asked.


Wait... I could have sworn.... I truned off the radio but i still heard the man.


"Well sweetie are you there?"

"Yes yesyes i am. Sorry, i am really suprised that this actually happened!!!"  I said, almost screaming actually.

"Well believe it love, IT HAPPENED!!!" He daid. "Whats your name sweetie?"

"Coral. Coral Williams"

"Well congratulations Coral you have a private day with a mystery supersar!!"

"Well who is the superstar??"

"That i dont even know......"

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