Living the Dream

When a girl wins the greatest opportunity of her life, will she run away or be too consumed in a relationship to even know what she is doing?

This story is about a girl in a small town with big dreams. The one phone call made the most hardworking girl, Coral Williams, into the most accepted girl on the planet.

*in this story Justin Bieber doesn't live in Canada and isn't famous. just follow the story line and you will see.......*


3. Practice!

As i hung up the phone i heard my best friend, or basically my brother come into the room. Justin Bieber has been my friend since we were literally babies. We never had a fight, and we always had  each others backs. We would never not tell the other person anything.


"CONGRADULATIONS CORAL!!!" I heard Justin scream into my room as he picked me up and spun me around.

"THANK YOU BIEBER!!" I screamed back at him

"Whoever this celebrity is i hope they find out about your talent because you are just amazing." he said

"And like you aren't? Justin you are comming with me and you are singing in front of the person whether you like it or not." i said.

"FINE!" Justin said pretending to be mad at me, only causing me to laugh at him instead.


I pulled him into the little room in our appartment that we both use to practice in. Justin and I both sat on the floor of the mini-studio and thought about what song we should perform to and what style of dance i should do. We both agree to do the song 'Give Me Love' by Ed Sheeran which i absolutely L-O-V-E!!


We started to get to work right away. Me making up a routine and Justin getting the vocals and guitar downpat.  Each part of the process took a while to do and when we finished and perfected everything, it was an even 9:00 PM.


"WWHHAA" I said looking up at the clock.

"I know, time flies when you work like a pro" justin said wrapping his arm around my sholder.

"  I'm HUNGRYY" i screamed running into the kitchen only finding no edible food in the fridge.

"Get dressed i will take you out" Justin said.

"You sure?" i asked

"Absolutely. Tomorrow will be the best or worst day of our lives..." justin said

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