Living the Dream

When a girl wins the greatest opportunity of her life, will she run away or be too consumed in a relationship to even know what she is doing?

This story is about a girl in a small town with big dreams. The one phone call made the most hardworking girl, Coral Williams, into the most accepted girl on the planet.

*in this story Justin Bieber doesn't live in Canada and isn't famous. just follow the story line and you will see.......*


7. dreams come true

Chapter 5

 dreames come true

I ran out to follow niall and i saw him trying to go outside.

"Niall!!" I screamed after him. He turned around and he looked really sad for some reason. He tried to turn back around but i held onto his arm. "Niall are you ok?"

"Um yeah. Seeing you guys dance and sing reminded me of me and my family and i want to go call my mom now" niall said

"Oh. Im so sorry niall"

"No its ok. You didnt know" he said with a smile that i knew was fake and walked off. I turned around and went back to the studio. When i didnt see justin i started to freak out a little but.

"Where did justin go?" I asked worried

Zayn saw that i was worried and pulled me into a hug saying "its ok love. He went to go sign contracts with scooter"

"Oh ok." I said

"You know you are an amazing dancer coral" liam said

"Really? Awh thanks!" I said. After that liam pulled me to the side.

"I know you probably think this is strange but i have this weird attraction towards you. Not relationship wise but as a brother." Liam said pulling his phone out of his pocket. "Can we exchange numbers in case you need someone to talk to or the other way around?"

"Yeah sure liam!" I said giving him my phone to put his number in. As we swapped phones again i laughed at the name liam put in my phone and the name i put for me in his.

"'Aayy sexy lady' really liam?" I asked

"Hey it isn't as bad as 'hot stuff'" he said as we both laughed.

Louis came over and asked "hey any of you seen niall?"

"I have. He went outside to call his mom. Something about missing home" i said.

"Oh. Ok then. Let me go get him we have to leave soon" louis said.

"Awh" i said with a little pout

"We are definately are going to hang out and talk like all the time" liam said while giving me a hug

"Really?" I asked

"Absolutely." Liam said. With that scooter came into the room.

"Hey coral can i speak to you for a minute in my office?" Scooter asked

"Umm ok" i said unsure. "Well i guess this is goodbye boys!!"

"Goodbye coralll!!!!" Zayn screamed pulling me into a group hug with the rest of the boys

"I will see you soon ok!! We can facetime and skype all the time!! Ok ok let me go" i said finally getting out of their grip.

I walked off with scooter and followed him through the maze of a hallway. Once we got to his office he led me in to sit down next to justin. He looked like he just won the lottery with the size of his smile. He looked quite adorable!! I looked at him really scared but instead he gave me two thumbs up.

"So coral me and justin talked a while after we signed him. For his performances he needs dancers right?" Scooter asked and i nodded my head curiously. "So how would you like to be his first back up dancer?" Scooter asked

"Are you serious?" I asked

"Absolutely!!" He said with a smile and a nod. I got up and started to do a happy dance. Justin laughed at me and joined me.

"Alright alright guys! Come on coral sign the contract to make it official!" Scooter said with a smile.

"Yeah. Yes absolutely" i said sitting down grabbing a pen and making everything official.

Me and justin are living out our dreams. Me as a dancer and justin as a performer.

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