Living the Dream

When a girl wins the greatest opportunity of her life, will she run away or be too consumed in a relationship to even know what she is doing?

This story is about a girl in a small town with big dreams. The one phone call made the most hardworking girl, Coral Williams, into the most accepted girl on the planet.

*in this story Justin Bieber doesn't live in Canada and isn't famous. just follow the story line and you will see.......*


2. A/N

Hey guys!! So hopefully you all like my movellas so far!!


I am really used to writing short chapters from when i wrote fanfic somewhere else. Buuuuttt once the plot of the story goes the way that i want it to go you will tell that the chapters will get longer and me i can write about one topic for the longest time.


Well anyways.........


I see that 7 people so far are reading this movellas so if any of you people can maybe tell friends who you may think will like this story please tell them!! I promise the next chapter will be better and longer and will explain all the millions of questions that i know some of you peoples are thinking of.


As some may tell i added into the story info about Justin Bieber..... He is going to be introduced in the NEXT chapter of the movellas.  Just to let you know Justin will be Coral's Best Friend since they were babies and they know everything about each other. Well......maybe not everything............


It is really hard for me to update on a laptop or computer because my school gives a loooott of work......So when movellas gives us authors the chance to update chapters on my iPhone it will be sooooo much easier on me and you guys can get more chapters quicker!!!


Now i must be rambling on and on and on and onnnnnnnnnnn.......

Hopefully the next chapter will be up tonight and if not tomorrow!!!


Curse you homework.............

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