Tell Me A Lie

Mkayla is best friends with Niall. But when Mkayla thinks that Niall has been acting really weird, she finds out he's in One Direction. When she finds that out, things change between the two best friends.





   Hi, I'm Mkayla. My friend Niall has been acting SUPER weird lately. I haven't got a chance to understand why. He has been leaving me all the time. I have a feeling he's ditching me. I have had this HUGE crush on Niall since the third grade, but we are growing apart, and I have a feeling that he won't just ditch me for a day, he will ditch me forever.


(A/N) Hey guys, Marley here! I'm back with a brand new fanfic. I hope you guys enjoy this one! I'm writing it on my computer! Yup. I'm not writing on my crappy iPod right now! Usin mah desktop! Finally right? Well I love all my fans and I hope you enjoy this story, and I'm really sorry for such a short chapter! LOVE YOU GUYSSS!!

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