Famous Love

Lori is famous. She's a famous singer and actress and don't forget model. She's apart of a famous girl band, the thing is she has the single status, well she did until she met One Direction then that all changed. She starts seeing Harry Styles but remembers the vow she made before she even joined her girl band, you don't date another member of another band, they can be trouble and she decides to 'stage the break up' but still see's him in secret, but how long until people realize that he's the reason why she's not as focused and serious than she used to be. But what will happen if people do find out about Harry and Lori?


2. The Date



   Lori's P.O.V


    In the morning the girls and I got dressed and went to breakfast. Heddie spent the rest of the morning on FaceTime with Jake and Kat with James. I missed Adam, like a lot. I missed his light brown hair and his popping blue eyes, and the way he made me feel like I was the only girl in the world when I was near him. In the middle of the afternoon we got a call from Angie. 


  "Okay so girls, I got a call from One Direction's manager, Paul, and well he has an offer that you and the boys work on a new album together and then go for a tour and perform the album!" Angie squeaked. "So are you girls up for it? You know since tomorrow is your last concert of the tour?"  she asked. You could hear how anxious she was by her tone. We all exchanged looks with each other, smiling and nodding. 

"Yes, Angie. We'll do it," I said in my very mature, womanly voice showing that I was very interested, and responsible in the upcoming events. 


"Perfect! I'll call Paul right back and let him know that you accepted!" Angie said before hanging the phone up. I sucked in a breath and prepared myself to tell the girls that I had a date with Harry tonight. 


   "Okay, so last night after we came back from the whole meeting thing, I got a text from Harry asking me if I wanted to go out and I said yes," I announced. They all exchanged looks with each other with each other that didn't look so pleasant. "What's wrong? Why is it so bad that I have a date?" I asked feeling anger fill my body from head to toe. Whenever we're in L.A they are always going on dates, why can't I? 

  "It's not bad that you have a date! Why don't you go start and get ready! I bet being the girl you are you chose 7:30 so he'll be here soon," Heddie said squeezing my shoulders. I nodded and proceeded to the room me and Heddie shared. I jumped in the shower and washed my hair, shaved my legs, and well, washed myself. I got out, dried my hair, and went to the large closet in the room. I picked out a black skin tight dress the had ruffles going down the sides, and since it was strapless it had a sweetheart shape around the top. I put on the same shoes I wore the previous night that were 6 inch high heel pumps. I put my hair so that it had a wavy pattern and pinned my side band behind my head. My make-up (Which was always my favourite part) really went with my whole outfit. Red lipstick, black eye liner, black mascara, and a shadowy outline outside of my eyes. If I had to say so myself, I looked hot. I received a message from Harry saying that he was now here and I bolted down stairs. I had my black 'Gucci' purse and my black leather jacket in case I got cold. 

  I got down the stairs to see Harry in front of a black Range Rover. he was wearing white pants, white Chuck Taylors, a grey shirt, and a dark blue blazer with a red and white outline.

"You look great," Harry said in awe as he saw me. 

"You don't look to shabby yourself," I complimented in a southern accent. He was amused by my humour. 

"You're great at doing accents," Harry chuckled. 

"Well thank ya'll I highly appreciate that valuable comment yous just made," I said, continuing in the southern accent. Harry laughed as he opened the door to the passenger seat. He climbed into the driver seat and began driving. "So where are we going?" I asked now speaking regularly. 

"Somewhere," Harry smiled. I sat back in my seat as he drove around swiftly.  He led us into the back of an alley and I wasn't so pleased with the venue and I found myself looking around the alley more or less disgusted. "It's okay. We aren't going to be out here, but in here," he said opening a heavy silver door. The door opened to a fancy what seemed to be Italian restaurant. I could smell the ingredients poison the air. 

"This is surely better than the alley out there. Why so scarce though?" I asked.

"Well I like first dates to be just about me and my lovely date, not me my lovely date and a bunch of fans and paparazzi not allowing us to chew without any sound effects," Harry said. I nodded. 

"So what shall we talk about?" I asked as the waitress escorted us to a private table. 

"Well Paul tells me that we are going to be writing an album and performing it on tour together, too," Harry said taking a seat right after me. 

"Angie tells me the same. I hope people like it," I said getting anxious. 

"Me too," he gulped. "So I also hear that you have a movie coming out," he said resting his elbows on the table. 

"I do. It's funny to think that a just three years ago I was singing songs with the girls in my garage, acting in plays, and randomly taking selfies of myself, now I'm in one of the biggest bands in the world, acting in movies with Bradley Cooper and modeling for Vogue. Is this a fairy tale?" 

"I wonder the same about myself sometimes, except the whole acting and modeling thing, I'll save that for you," he joked. I laughed at his selected words before taking a sip of water. 

"How about we talk about something else that isn't our careers?" I asked shifting my right eyebrow as I looked at my menu.

"How about we talk about how beautiful you look tonight, I must be the luckiest boy on earth," he said. His words got my attention and I blushed like a maniac, I swear I had never felt so flattered in my entire world. 

"Yeah you're out on a date with a Perrie Edwards wannabe," I said.

"Well actually in my eyes you look nothing like her, you are you and Perrie is Perrie, she's great in her way and you in yours. I would never say that you look like another woman," Harry said. 

"You know you are the first guy to ever say anything like that to me and I was with my ex for 4 years," I said hearing my voice go all high pitched. Damn did he know how to make a girl feel special. 

"Well I'm not him," Harry said simply smiling exposing those perfect dimples. 


  The rest of the night was spent with him complimenting me with his seductive words. Whoa did I just say seductive? I think I did and I'm proud. Every magazine I have read that had One Direction said that Harry Styles was the womanizer of the group and that man whore and don't forget the pervert, but he showed me by just one date he wasn't any of that. Harry Edward Styles was a respectful, honest guy. He showed interest in all I had to say and he was caring with me. I had never felt so good about being me than at that date. He showed me that I was an individual that was their own person. 


    When Harry drove me back to the hotel he didn't stop being a gentleman. He opened the car door for me and walked me inside the building, he only walked me to the elevator but he was going to get a ticket if he stayed to long with me. 

  "I had fun tonight," I said. 

"Me too," Harry said. For a moment we stared into each others eyes before his lips smashed on mine. His tongue took control of mine and swirled his tongue in each part of my mouth. Cotton candy and bubblegum were my new favourite flavours. At the end of the kiss Harry stepped back out of breath. I was out of breath but watching him hassle for breath was hot somehow. 

"Can I consider you my girlfriend?" Harry asked. I knew I was smiling like an idiot but I didn't do anything to remove that smirk and nodded like mad. He smiled and pecked my cheek. "Great Lori, I'll see you soon," he said before walking away. 


    I took the elevator up to the room and ran down the hall. I opened the door to see all the girls sitting on a bed together with the most serious looks on their faces. 


   "We need to talk," Penny said. 

"About what?" I asked. 

"Harry," Kat answered. 

"Why? Is it because he just became my boyfriend?" I was bragging. 

"No you can't date him."  Andy butted in. 

"Before you ask why, you can't date him because right before we signed the record deal papers we all agreed we wouldn't date other singers in bands because they'll just bring us down so you have to break up with Harry," Kat said.

"I'm not doing that," I laughed. 

"You don't but the deal also stated that if you break it we have to replace you in the band," Andy sighed. I remained silent. I didn't have a rebuttal for that, they had me hanging right by my toes. I had to break up with my boyfriend. How great.

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