Famous Love

Lori is famous. She's a famous singer and actress and don't forget model. She's apart of a famous girl band, the thing is she has the single status, well she did until she met One Direction then that all changed. She starts seeing Harry Styles but remembers the vow she made before she even joined her girl band, you don't date another member of another band, they can be trouble and she decides to 'stage the break up' but still see's him in secret, but how long until people realize that he's the reason why she's not as focused and serious than she used to be. But what will happen if people do find out about Harry and Lori?


1. Chapter 1


   Lori's P.O.V


  "Thanks you guys! Tonight was epic! We hope to come back to London soon! Love you all!" My band mate Heather, cooed on stage as we bowed them ran off. Our band consisted of five members there was me, Heddie (Heather), Andy (Andrea), Penny (Penelope), and Kat (Kathryn) , and together we make the girl band 'Princesses Redone'. Currently we are one of the biggest bands in the world.

   If you ask we all look different and we have different styles. I have shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes, the girls tease me by calling me Perrie Edwards because I look a lot like her. Heather has light brown hair with blond peaks in it and she has green eyes. Andy is a full on brute better with hazel eyes. Penny has jet black hair with mud brown eyes and then Kat had natural res hair and kind of black eyes. We're on our world tour at the moment and as you may know we just finished playing our first London gig.

  "Great job, ladies," Angie our manager said.

  "Thanks, Angie," I said taking a sip out my water bottle while I was out of breath.

  "Well girls, go change and we will go to the hotel," Angie said guiding us toward the changing rooms. I went to the closet and pulled out what I was going to wear. I pulled out ripped jeans, a pink tank top, and over sized blue sweat-shirt, and my worn out Chuck Taylor's. My hair was still curly and I didn't bother touching any part of my make up or else it would just look like a complete mess so I would have to wait to make it to the hotel. I picked up my black crop top that had 'Princesses Redone' in graffiti form, my black waist high shorts and my black leather high tops to our stylist Meghan.

"See you girls tomorrow for the meeting," Meghan called out. Tomorrow we were going to be meeting One Direction and Little Mix. The girls and I were very excited considering they're our favourite bands. Heddie linked my right arm and Andy linked my left arm and we skipped out of the arena and on to our tour bus where  Kat and Penny were.

  "Kathryn, scoot over," I said pushing Kat over.

 "Alright, Larissa,"  Kat teased. My name is Larissa but the girls and everyone who Midnight call me Lori. I prefer the name Lori to be honest with you.

"So Lori, what's it like to be back home?" Penny asked.

"It's great. I get to see my mum tomorrow," I cheered. All of us girls come from different places I'm from England, Penny is from Scotland, Kat is from Australia, Andy is from Ireland, and Heddie is from Spain. Yes we all hail from the capital cities like London , Edinburgh, Dublin, Sydney, and Madrid.


   "I can't wait 'till we go back to Sydney. I want to visit my mum and dad," Kat said crossing her arms and putting on an angry face but then busted out in laughter, me and the girls joined in.


     When I woke up in the morning I realized that I was the only one out of us girls who were up, even though it was 1:00pm. I decided that I would go down to the restaurant to get something to eat since I was going to my mum's house at 3:00 and then the whole meeting thing would take place at 8:00. I put on a pair of black yoga pants, a skin tight t-shirt that had 'Nike' plastered across and my same Chuck Taylor's. I put on some peach lip gloss and a very light shade of eye shadow and black eye liner. My hair was a straight as a needle and my side bang was just out of my eyes so before I knew it I was in the elevator.

   I walked into the buffet and then I felt as if someone jumped on my shoulders.

"Did you think that you would really come and get food with out me, Larissa Jackson?" Heddie said with a very serious expression on.

  "I only came down by myself because I thought you were still asleep," I said grabbing a plate for my food.

  "Well I'm awake so we can get food. Together," she laughed and grabbed a plate for herself. I nodded and continued to get my food. At the end I ended up getting a burger and fries with a chocolate milkshake. Heddie ended up having the same thing.

  "I'll be right back, Lori,I have to use the ladies room," Heddie announced then got up and walked to the bathroom. I took a sip of my milkshake then felt a tap on my shoulder, I expected it to be Heddie and if it wasn't her then surely it would have been Andy sure loves her food too. But it wasn't either of them, it was a person I would have never expected to see, well not at this particular time.

  "You're Lori, right?" he said in a deep British husky voice. Harry. Styles.

 "Yes. You're Harry, right?" I mimicked. He chuckled. He was cuter in person than I would have expected. He smiled at me exposing his dimples. "I thought we weren't supposed to meet until tonight," I said standing up to greet him properly.

"Me too. But me and the boys came here for lunch and we didn't know you girls were staying here. By the way I'm a huge fan of your band," he said with a attractive look on his face. Seriously he was so cute.

"Well I am a bug fan of your band," I said smiling nicely at him.


"Hey mate, now I see why you wanted to come and say hi. Hello I'm Louis," Louis said patting Harry on the back.

"I know. I'm Lori," I shook Louis' hand.

"You know you look a lot like Perrie," Louis said as he examined my face.

"So I've been told," I said still smiling.

"Well we should get back to the rest of the boys. See you tonight, Lori," Harry said then him and Louis walked back to their table.

***Skips to later on***

    Me and the girls were getting ready for the whole meeting. It was basically a conference but the conference part would only last for about half an hour so the rest of the time we were going to eat and chat with everyone. I wore black skinny jeans, a kind of bronze colour loose top, with a black leather jacket, and black leather, 6 inch high heel pumps. For my make up I had on red lipstick, purple eye shadow, black eye liner, and black mascara. As for my hair,  I curled it all up and clipped my side bang to the side of my  hair so you could see my eyes.


     As we drove to the venue Heddie couldn't stop texting her boyfriend, Jake. I should probably mention that all the girls have boyfriends except for well: Me. I got out of a long term relationship about three months ago and I haven't really looked at a guy since. My ex's name was Adam and we had just moved in together when I found out he was cheating on me, so I left him.

   "I can't wait 'till we go back to L.A, James said that he has a surprise for me back home," Kat said putting away her phone. I should probably also mention that all the girls first moved to London a few years ago we became best friends and became a band and now we all live in L.A. Very fascinating life, right? "James also told me that Jared, John, and Jake also have plans for you ladies," Kat said. I looked down at my lap remembering when I had Adam. I remembered the good days with him then the day I found him kissing our house cleaner, Janet. I shook my head then saw the venue up ahead. I got out of the car with just Penny and we walked inside. Just being us, we were the last ones to arrive.


   The conference went by easily with the same questions people would ask us at interviews, then it was time to eat some food. In reality it was just a buffet and you sat on a large table with all of us spread out. In total it was me and the girls, One Direction, and Little Mix so in all that was 14 people. There really wasn't anyone else there.

  The night was going by quite smoothly, we ate food, and drunk lots of alcohol. We all laughed hysterically. The only person who I didn't notice drinking whatsoever was in fact Kat. Well she never really was much of a drinker even though she was the eldest of us by being twenty. I'm 19 so is Heddie and Andy, and Penny is the baby by being 18. At the end of the night we all were going to our cars. I felt so over joyed by getting everyone's numbers, now I could had even more contacts on my phone. Just when we did get back to the hotel I got a text.


From Harry: I was thinking, do you want to go out to dinner tomorrow? With me?


From Me: Sure be at my hotel by 7:30, see ya!


   Maybe it was just the alcohol in my system that made me say yes but something told me I was looking forward to tomorrow evening.




     So hi! I got this idea through a dream so sorry if it's bad! You'll have to excuse any spelling or punctuation mistakes because I'm no professional and my keyboard is a pain and is being quite annoying. But if you do like the story thanks! More chapters to come soon!







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