1D imagines

ill be taking requests on who want to be with


2. Louis for Gaby

u secretly had a crush on ur best friends Ashley's brother Louis You both r crazy and wierd. "Gaby can i talk to u?" Louis asked u "Sure."  U follow him into the kitchen "Gaby,i really like u and i was wondering if u wanted to go out with me?" Instead of saying yes u kissed him and u felt fireworks and Ashley cleared her throat "Did i miss something and since when have u two been dating?" "Since now." U both say "Louis i have been waiting for u to ask me that for so long cause ive liked u sine i first started hanging out with Ashley.""I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!" U both say and end up cuddling and 3 months u get pregnant with a handsome boy named Dylan who  loves strips and likes girls who eat carrots 

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