1D imagines

ill be taking requests on who want to be with


1. louis for casondra

you were on your home from work and when open ur flats door u share with louis and his friends you walk in to see louis decorated in lights and ornaments "what happened to u" you say while laughing "We decorated him instead of you guys getting a real tree" ur best friend grace told you. "Well i think i like this better so ill keep it up for a week or two." "BABE!" Louis shouted "I was joking!" U say laughing on the floor " I think it needs one more thing" U say walking up to him with mistletoe behind ur back. "MIstletoe!" U say and u two end of kissing passionately which  turned into say something else 2 months later you end get pregnant with a beautiful daughter name Kelsey who loved carrots and Stirips and have curly hair and dimples like her Uncle Harry. She was always hungry all the time like Niall always had to have a mirror like Zayn and had the brains like liam

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