Loving Him

Well Victoria falls in love with some one she cant have...


4. Walking Home

              Victoria's P.O.V

        As I  was walking home from school, the back way so i dont see much people, i herd some one calling my name. I was turning around when the gym teacher almost ran in to me. He oulled me over to the side, and told me he wanted to talk. I was nervous, but listend to him. "Victoria i saw your arms.....why?" He said to me while looking into my eyes. I didnt know how to respond so i just stood there not saying anything. Then he said, " I know what your going through, i did the same thing when i was your age." "Its not good for you and i want you to stop." Why should I? Why do you even care about me Mr.Smith!  Next he said " Out of school dont call me that call me Tyler." "And i care so much cause I .....love...you." I stood there with a bland look on my face. Inside i has so happy and thrilled. But on the out side i didnt know how to react. All the bad thing that could come from this just escaped my mind. All I could manage to say was I love you too! He hugged me goodbye, and I just finished going home. As I stepped through my door of my room I was so happy. I knew things like this are not supposed to happen, but I felt something for him

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