Loving Him

Well Victoria falls in love with some one she cant have...


3. Scars

                                                                              Victoria's POV

      Today like many day i got tourmanted and bullied. Bullied because im a "slut" and im a emo attention seeker. Yes i do have scars but its not for attention that why i cover them up. No one understand what i have been through my mom is dead and my dad drink from day to night. I dont get good grades but some how i manage to pass every grade.  Someone pointed out my scars today during gym class. Mr. Smith pulled me over to the said. He said, '' what the hell is on your amrs." I didnt know how to answer he looked at me like i was diffrent now. Like im not the same person now that he knows. But im used to it everyone looks at me like that. When i told my bestfriend Rosie even she didnt accept that part of me. I guess no one really understand me and what im going through. Its just not fair i need someone to talk to but no one will ever understand.

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