Loving Him

Well Victoria falls in love with some one she cant have...


2. Gym class

                                                      Mr.Smith's POV

    I watched he as she walked into class. Her long brown hair and dark blue eyes. I know i shouldnt feel this way for a student but she is ddiffrent then all the others. I handed her the gym uniform. A bit later she came back out it in the shirt was a little big, but oh well. I lined the students up and told them about the rules. Next i did row call. I was going through all the names wodering when i would get to hers then i was Victoria Shupps. Her name was not what i expected .  Rest of the class i let the students talk and walk around. I watched Victoria tak to her friends and smile. She is perfect i thougt to myself as they walked around. Toward the end of class i told them to get rechanged as she walked towards the door she looked back at me we made eye contact the she looked away and we into the locker room. I dont know what it is but there is somthing about her that is just so perfect

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