Loving Him

Well Victoria falls in love with some one she cant have...


1. First Day

                                                           Victoria's POV

    Today is the first day back at my dreaded high school. I look at my scedual i have P.E. first. I walked in and saw a new teacher. He came up to me and handed me my clothes and told me to get dressed. There was somthing diffrent about him. Something that drew me to him. I went into the locker room and changed into my blue shorts and white shirt with the schools logo on it. The shorts were about knee length and the shirt was kinda big on me. I am kinda small and i have long brown hair and blue eyes. Not the ideal look for me but i guess im alright. I head back to the gym. We all stad in a line with the teacher in front of us. He is tall and has blonde hair with bright blue eyes. He tells us to call him mr.Smith. We learned about the rules and thing wee should do while in his class. At the end as i was walking into the locker room to get back in to my normal clothes i looked back at Mr.Smith we mad eye contact i quickly looked away and walked into the lokcer room. I dont know what it is but i  feel like there is somthing about him that i love.

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